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Adept I

AMD OpenCL Affinity Issue

I am just trying to know if AMD, and I mean the devs are aware and working on the problem that is causing HW to not work properly. I searched a bit, couldnt find any info. Do you might have a link from an official post or something that Amd is working on it?

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Big Boss

afaik OpenCL works fine and doesnt have an affinity bug...

can you be more specific?
also have in mind: if you OCed your GPU and OpenCL causes an error than its mostt likely your OC and not OpenCL (FactoryOC is also OC)

PC: R7 2700X @PBO + RX 580 4G (1500MHz/2000MHz CL16) + 32G DDR4-3200CL14 + 144hz 1ms FS P + 75hz 1ms FS
Laptop: R5 2500U @30W + RX 560X (1400MHz/1500MHz) + 16G DDR4-2400CL16 + 120Hz 3ms FS
Journeyman III

Well it is like that since Affinity photo 1.9 and RX5000 I believe. So long time. Affinity said is AMD problem in OpenCL, AMD said it is Affinity issue with a bug in OpenCL...
And we, users of both products, are in the middle like a bunch of morons. Can someone from AMD contact Affinity and ask them what is the problem, because it's start looking like some infinite loop. Someone have to take the issue on their side and fix it. I am like 50/50, because OpenCL works in different applications, so it looks like Affinity messed up something, but maybe something is or was wrong in the AMD Driver, and now is fixed, but Affinity have to do an update that will unlock the feature.

I asked them they are not answered, so there was some OpenCL bug in the driver that was fixed in one of couple releases since January 2021?


A serif developer said:

"Posted July 2

There's no need to argue or discuss the point of AMD support. We are in contact with AMD, who are being very responsive, and they are working on a fix. The issue is that their latest drivers have been re-written for the new architectures, and there's a problem with the OpenCL kernel compiler, as it's now 10X slower than it was before (this would translate to a hang when switching to a new tool for the first time for each app launch). I've provided them with test cases, and I'm in regular contact with their engineers about the problem. "

This is about a problem first reported to AMD in February. Serif have specifically disabled open-cl support for 5000 and 6000 series cards because the ridiculous kernel load times more than negate any processing time advantage from using open-cl.

How many more months are 5/6000 series owners supposed to wait? Thankfully I don't own a 5/6000 card and will avoid this problem by paying a premium for a GPU upgrade from a company that doesn't have garbage driver/software support. 


A support forum that isn't garbage would be helpful also. "Post flooding detected (user tried to post more than 1 messages within 600 seconds)" when I haven't posted any message. I am supposed to wait 10 effing minutes to repost after removing some invisible HTML I inadvertently copied and pasted in the above quote.