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Journeyman III

AMD Noise Suppression

Dear community, first of all, I am really happy about to getting this feature for AMD and I believe it will help some Gamers, but I definitely can't recommend to use for streaming or Discord calls, because OBS and Discord has filters which works better. I wished this feature for so long and said so many time, pls implement this great feature. This is the first step, but to be honest, it needs a fine tuning, it really really needs it. The problem what I see is, we don't have the option to choose between lower or higher quality, which of course requires more power. If a employee sees my thread, I beg you, bring this option in to improve voice quality.


Yesterday a good friend joined my stream to tell me "Oh hey did you see the new update?! We get something like Nividia Broadcast/RTX Voice." They were exited because I switched from Nvidia to AMD and this was the only one point where I said, I am sad to not have it anymore, so they thought you got it now. Yes and no....I said wait a second, I'm gonna show you a directly compare between AMD Noise Suppression and OBS filter, they also know the quality of Nvidia, because I used it all the time. After showing off, he said ok you are right We all hope AMD will improve the quality, bring the option like everyone does, even a freeware like OBS has it. 


I just can repeat myself, we really need the option between lower and higher quality noise suppression and again, I am happy about to getting this feature and I want to see AMD on top. There is so much potential - I believe. until then, stay healthy, take care and have a good time   

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