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Journeyman III

AMD Navi (5700/5700XT) H264 questionable support

As someone selling systems to streamers/gamers, I have to ask why does H264 have questionable performance on the Navi and blockiness at least on the July 7 drivers while HEVC does so well?

I know HEVC does really well on the 5700xt but it seems odd that H264 (on ffmpeg but if it doesn't really work, where does it work??) performs quite poorly compared to it's own H265 encoder not even mentioning another brand

It is important because HEVC/H265 is still licensed and streamers need to add their own audio and logos, twitch plugins stuff like that rather than straight up using relive. Which is kinda weird because the new engine is remarkable in H265 but probably due to driver issues it does not perform particularly fantastic in H264

This is important because 5700XT is a really damn good GPU but the questionable H264 support really would break it for the crowd I'm selling hardware to. I'm already selling them ryzens so I really don't wish to tell them they are forced to buy the green team with their overpriced and underperforming cards (relative to Navi) because of dodgy H264 support.

I'm certainly not planning on buying a 5700XT for testing now but I will be once the custom cards roll out in mid august which isn't far from now and I have orders piling up as well due to lack of ryzen allocation

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