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Adept III

AMD lying about nature of Driver Timeouts (Helldivers 2, Phantom Brigade, and more)


  • Intermittent driver timeout or application crash may be experienced after playing a mission and changing the in-game resolution while playing HELLDIVERS™ 2.

This is what AMD is claiming leads to the timeouts. It is not, this is an abject and outright lie. There is something inherently BROKEN with how AMD drivers handle DX12.  AMD is aware of it, they KNOW this exists, people have in the hundreds over the years have been reporting this issue. This issue hits many users, different configurations... and at times completely random/different programs. Nvidia has ZERO issues like this with DX12, and AMD has been burying this issue aided by marketing firms like Gamers Nexus, Linus Tech Tips, Hardware Unboxed, etc. All of which have been notified, by DOZENS of people, about this issue. We have shown them recordings, shown them benchmarks, etc.

RMA does not solve this, I am on my 3rd 7900 XTX now, I also have a backup 7600 RX because I have owned AMd for YEARS, decades, the cards have been great to me. Until now, and the way AMD is being coy and saying "Star Craft might..." when they KNOW this issue hits more than just Star Craft, they KNOW this has nothing to do with changing resolutions... they know this issue exists. They refuse to fix it, they refuse to acknowledge it, from what I was told they aren't even researching it because not enough people are complaining about it until Starfield. In which they did some sort of adhoc patch for that game alone.

This post, is chalk full of lies.




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Adept I

Still having this issue, although the new drivers seemed to fix the problem for at least Helldivers.

I originally had a 6800XT that started with the amduw23g crashes out of the blue, and I shipped it back to MSI because I thought it might have been defective.  MSI actually sent me back a replacement card which happened to be a 7900XTX.  I was super excited for that, but it turned out it had the exact same problem as the 6800XT.  I can play helldivers now without crashing, but I still can't play anything else. Warframe and Elder Scrolls Online still crash for me.


That would explain why Kingdom Hearts suffers it uses Dx12 and no way to use Dx11... so AMD need to seriously look into why Dx12 games timeout the drivers?

Although apparently using AMD Fluid Motion Frames I was about to get it somewhat playable but it still crashes every now and again. 

I have the problem in Elder Scrolls Online as well, which to my understanding runs DX11.

Wouldn't that mean the problem goes beyond just DX12?

Yeah if you force DX11 there will be no crashes in games... but that often cuts your performance into an absolutely choppy laggy nightmare with no proper lighting.


Абсолютно с вами согласен. У меня на rx6750gre категорически не хочет работать на dx12  игра Shadow of Tomb Raider, постоянные вылеты с ошибкой, а если перевести игру на dx11, то играть совершенно не возможно из за постоянных статоров и фризов, картинка постоянно дёргается. 

I myself also moved from the 6950 XT to the 7900 XTX and now I am suffering. The latest drivers have completely killed the ability to play in DX12, with constant driver timeouts regardless of the game. If you turn on DX12 and unlock the FPS, a crash within 10 minutes is guaranteed. The same issue occurs in the new DD2, which constantly crashes if the FPS limit is removed from 60 frames. Why do I need a super card on which I can't play at 2K 100+ FPS? I was having the best year with my 6950 XT, with no complaints and everything working perfectly. However, I decided to upgrade and now the problems are constant. It would have been better to get the 4080, honestly. Considering that Nvidia has finally fixed their drivers on Linux, and I only chose AMD because of dual-booting with Linux


Бесит неимоверно, НВИДИи нужна конкуренция. Только не такая, где конкурент сам себе и своим покупателям в ногу стреляет.


I have had driver timeouts

The first one on my wife's setup was magically cured by getting a better quality power supply

I would get crashes on to desktop playing Hunt:Showdown when i over tweaked my RAM .. dial back the tweaks and no more issues

The 2nd time I had driver timeouts was with my current 7900XT on my AM5 setup of which was only in CS2 and it turned out to be a memory issue as well .. tweaked RAM in conjunction with to high of an FCLK

WARFRAME, Hunt:Showdown, Destiny 2, Fortnite, Cyberpunk 2077, Call of Duty, DOOM, DOOM Eternal, Last of Us Part 1, Control, 3DMark and now CS2 all run without issue

I'd like to get Helldivers II because it looks like a fantastic game (just purchased it to try out ..will update thread)

Welp .. running at 1440p with everything maxed and game is crashing

It's late but I plan on trying the things mentioned in this thread and see what happens

ThreeDee PC specs

Yeah my set-up is here;

I've run windows MemTest and a few other memtest software with no issue. I have an MSI MPG 1000W A1000G 80+ Gold with 12VHPWR PCIE5.0 even and yup... Cyberpunk 2077 runs perfect for me too btw, but Phantom Brigade, Darktide, Deus Ex Mankind Divided etc all don't. If I force DX11 they run, but they also run like complete garbage. And look just as bad lol...

There is no fix coming for this. There will be no fix for this coming. AMD does not care, they banned posts about it in their official sub-reddit and made their sub-sub reddit the only place you can talk about it. AMD has just BARELY started to acknowledge that "some users are affected."

Fun tidbit! Unreal fixed this somehow, and so did Bethesda. AMD didn't, somehow though those two companies fixed this issue despite AMD ignoring it and not working on it.

It has to do with DX12 and the AMD drivers. Rolling back doesn't help/work anymore, there's no version you can go back far enough that'll be stable. The driver timeout issue is literally the worst issue any GPU has ever faced and this company is completely getting away with it thanks to outlets like Gamers Nexus, Linus Tech Tips, and Hardware Unboxed either refusing to acknowledge the hundreds of users reporting the issue DIRECTLY to them (GN) or Linus/Hardware Unboxed acknowledging this issue EXISTS... but is "fine."


So I have all setting maxed at 1440p and just have Screen-Space Global Illumination off and I managed to complete the first mission without issue .. with it on I crash .. could be in first minute of dropping down to planet or up to 30 minutes is longest I've lasted prior before crashing .. but usually within first couple minutes though

ThreeDee PC specs
Adept I

I really wish AMD would actually give an answer on this, i've been having driver timeout with Kingdom Hearts since i got a 7900XT and so far AMD has refused to say anything about it, not even a hint that they acknowledge these kind of problems with DX12. It's quite annoying that they pretend nothing is happening.

Yup, as you can see the hardware survey I posted? It's been sent to AMD over and over and one rep even acknowledged they pushed it up to their driver team and... nothing public. They talked to me in E-mails in some confidence, so while I won't DIRECTLY quote anything they said I can say one thing.

Do not expect a fix for this. Ever. It will be up to game developers to fix this issue for AMD, AMD is not addressing it, they will not be addressing it... Bethesda fixed it, EpicGames managed to fix it for Unreal Editor.



I'm not expecting much really. I gave up on trying to get through to AMD.

Although as mentioned it seems AMD FMF does stabilise the game immensely if you use unlocked, 720p in game and in display, using windowed with borderless windowed gaming application works best i find  and make sure to turn every refresh rate option to off.

You will need to unlock cutscene fps to 60 though, 30 crashes in two areas in KH2 always.

1) Namine meets Roxas for the first time.

2) Kairi and Selphie talk on the Destiny Islands.

NOTE: In KH1 skip the cutscene after Clayton is defeated to avoid a consistent crash.

In KH1 the game no longer crashes while pausing with the above settings in place.

As a note aswell I can battle in Rechain of Memories without immediately crashing.

I can enter and exit trains in Twilight Town in Roxas prologue too so that's resolved with the above settings.

Birth by sleep is also in a playable state and doesn't crash on the tutorial anymore.

Journeyman III

It is not just limited to games.  I've had it happen with no game running


Maybe in the next 5 years they'll address the Direct X12 issues, I've given up trying with them, they simply do not care as much.

Adept I

Driver Timeouts are a MAJOR PROBLEM, and still not any kind of solution(s) from AMD.

My RX 7900 XT is not even 5 months old, and so far, no matter the driver version, keep getting crashes 
(d/timeout), in almost any games. Just 1h ago clean installed 24.2.1, opened Valheim, et voila. 2 Driver Timeouts in 2 times i tried to play. And not only that, but game was full of artifacts/distortions, if Depth of Field from game was enabled. As everyone says around, only solution is to run games under DirectX 11, which is bs. I swear i had ZERO issues at summer, while was with nvidia gpu. Even streaming was crystal clear. Now with AMD? Everything is pixelated/blurry at high motion games. That was my literally my first and last time i bought an AMD gpu. I really regretted it by now. I should have just added the extra 500e, and go again for premium quality gpus from nvidia. Now i can't even return my RX, since problem is from AMD Drivers, and not from the gpu it self.  AMD unable to fix said issues, is just un-acceptable and beyond any imagination, and only thing doing is to hurt their reputation. I can't believe how such major company are unable to investigate the issue and fix it. And isn't happening exclusively with gaming. Happened to me even while doing Photoshop CS montages, Sony Vegas rendering, and/or while upscaling videos with Gigapixel Video Ai. Even BSOD while using Handbrake. Not long back, like a month or two, i was sure driver crashing was happening only with RX 7xxx series. But now i see, it's global problem which affects even series 5 gpus? Well...Only thing left for me, is to sell gpu for like 50% of its original price (and not sure if anyone will gonna buy it anyways), since AMD not care at all to fix the issue. Only thing left to think, is to use my tinfoil hat and suggest that nvidia are behind dx12 issues?Also not weird, since nvidia's history are also full of "surprises".


I dont think they ever will address this.

The only reason starfield was fixed was because everyone spammed it here.

I have for the first time in 26 years bought a Nvidia 4080super to replace the 7900XTX and... I now have zero issues. The 4080 was stupidly priced vs the 7900 XTX it was an EASY buy for me back in the day... because I had 26 years of reliable products on ATI/AMD. I was SURE that this would work fine, too.

Holy frick I would have just paid the extra for a 4090 back then if I knew what I was going to run into with AMD. For the first year almost all the games I played didn't trigger timeouts, until Darktide. I assumed it was Fatshark, then I played an old Deus Ex on DX12... then phantom brigade. The timeout happened across THREE applications, that is not a coincidence. Was there a reason the hardware couldn't handle it? No, it was running Cyberpunk 2077 full raytracing fine. Darktide is way easier to run... Phantom Brigade timesout, but BattleTech doesnt'? BattleTech is FAR more weighty. Both are on Unity. Both the same type of game.

But know what BattleTech does that Phantom Brigade doesn't? Vulkan. It's not on DX12. Phantom Brigade is. Forcing DX11 into Deus Ex Mankind Divided looked like trash and ran like crap, but it never timed out. Forcing Darktide and Helldivers 2 to run in DX11 worked, too.

Microsoft would NEVER risk the class action and compete violations that would entail like... if they were ever caught favouring Nvidia that, holy hell, AMD and Intel could own Microsoft at the end of that court case and consumers could excise literally hundreds or millions, maybe... even into the billion. Imagine the Cypto farms, AI farms, etc all could enter that class action. It would be the worst fiasco/conspiracy in the tech industry. Price fixing wouldn't even come close.


Adept II

What f***ing pissed me and offended me the most is that decades after decades of reporting and pampering them essential informations, these birdbrains are still NOT capable of learning what truly attracted customers OR what gamers really desired when buying a dGPU!!!!!


It baffles everyone the stupidities of this "I wanna be nVIDIA of GPU industry" vendor, but failed to deliver everytime sh*t gets real....

Journeyman III

Just want to chime in here. Sapphire Nitro 7900XTX / 5800X3D

Helldivers 2 is still unplayable with latest drivers. Which is such a shame, I've already lost far too much progress due to game crashes.

But I also get random driver timeouts which cause system crashes. At least once per day.

Every time I open a game such as Baldurs Gate 3, Rogue Trader, Helldivers 2, there is a chance that my system crashes when the game is initially opened to full screen. If I click something else after clicking to launch the game, the game successfully seems to launch in the background. 

I put off buying BG3 and Rogue Trader as I heard they were pretty common for the timeouts on the survey. This issue is INFURIATING.



We want an answer, we demand an answer.

Stop giving us the silent treatment.

Unless you want us to spam this forum about DX12?

Adept III

These driver timeouts are not related to a specific game or games in general. I am having the timeouts only with my browser open, without any game. From the behavior I have noticed so far, this is what I have gathered:

- happens mostly on 7900xt and 7900xtx
- the driver settings do not seem to have any influence on them
- drivers 24.2.1 and 24.1.1 have these issues (23.12.1 is stable from this perspective on these 2 cards)
- the timeouts are not related to a specific game or program

They could be related somehow to how the power is used by the card, since the 2024 drivers changed the way the power is used and decreased the idle power usage.

Now I don't know if the people that are having these timeouts have them only with HDR and/or Freesync enabled or also with them disabled.

I think that AMD is aware of them, since they usually check the community issues, but I don't think they know how to fix them.

Maybe there is hope it will be addressed eventually.

Oh wow on browser... are you running any applications/webg builds of games with DX12? The issue I have narrowed down to DX12, anything that runs it, if you force DX11 it should not timeout. I've dropped my clock, my PSU is 1000W, dropped my voltage cap for the card etc and had it since uhhh 21.something.

It for sure doesn't seem SPECIFIC games, but its basically ANYTHING on DX12 could get the timeout issue and once it happens it will always happen. I have tried;

  • HDR on/off
  • Freesync  on/off
  • EXPO on/off (3000-6000mhz despite RAM being 6400 capable)
  • Undervolt/Underclock/PBO
  • VirtualSuperRes off/Overlays off/Cleanshaders
  • Editing system registries Drive Timeouts to 168 hours
  • DDU/Some other driver clean tool
  • Reformatting
  • Brand new SSD
  • Different ram ranks (I got 64gb of RAM now in total lol)
  • No Adrenaline drivers
  • Swapped my 7900 XTX bios
  • New Bios' every edition
  • Newest Drivers/Experimental/23/22/21 (started on 21)
  • Disable reporting of drivers
  • Power plan settings
  • Disable fast start (uggghhh forgor to turn this back on after replacing)
  • 1 Monitor
  • Changing from my KTC monitor to my crappy HP only and vice versa
  • Increasing Paging File for VRAM
  • 2 RMA's
  • Different cables that came with PSU (16pin 12v vs all traditional/blend)
  • Re-seating the GPU several times
  • Screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs and punching my glass desk
  • Put the 7900 XTX in my backup PC (replacing its 7600X which has far fewer issues)

Only Two Things Worked.

  1. Forcing anything timing out into DX11
  2. Buying a 4080super.

The later was the most expensive option... but I have zero crashes on anything now. At all. My RAM is at its full 6400 across all ranks, just the 12vHPWR cable alone, zero changes in my hardware other than the GPU. my system works PERFECTLY now.


Adept I

I just built this system not even a week ago. 7800 x3d with a 7900 xtx. Kept having driver timeout issues no matter what game I played. I tried disabling ALL the bells and whistles within Adrenaline, and I THOUGHT it fixed the problem cause my games stopped crashing for a few days. Now it has started back crashing again. 

Yeah I did the same thing, I even changed registries to have my timeout delay to a week solid... I thought that fixed it for a day, I played Phantom Brigade for literally 12 hours. The last mission I had (only timedout in missions) to clear the last province, as soon as it started WHAM timeout. Broke my fkn heart. The last straw was trying to play Helldivers 2, I put up with just not playing 3 games i LOVE to play and stuck to games that only worked for months. 3 RMA'd 7900 XTXs btw. (XFX is a PHENOMENAL company, if AMd did not have drive issues they are the PERFECT company to get a GPU from. AMAZING style, amazing customer support, amazing performance).

Helldivers 2 though, the first time I ever PUNCHED a desk in anger was being the literal last survivor, collected all the samples... cleared the ENTIRE extract on my own, clear shot to the sweet bro-embrace of Pelican 1. Timeout. 2 or so steps away from the pelican's ramp. Thank gosh my desk is legitimate tempered glass because it took it like a champ... my lamp and monitors all fell over though except my main lol. Everything lived.

I would say this... return the 7900 XTX, get a 4080super. Its the same price. It fixed EVERY issue I have. Do it fast, I know this is a week later but DO IT ASAP. We (the survey people) have been reporting this issue for over ayear now... much as I have LOVED the ATI/AMD product range over the year, AMD GPUdivision right now is... they're not the AMD GPUdivision of the past. Lisa Su has to turn her eye and golden touch on that divison because this driver issue makes AMD the worst GPU on the market despite it being TECHNICALLY capable. I lose 2-3% of raster and I do NOT care. Technically I gain 40-60% in raytracing but yeah... selling the 7900 XTX with the timeout warning.



(I just copy and pasted a response I posted on reddit .. might help some, might not ..)

My driver timeouts/Game Crashes:

Driver Timeout/RX 550 2Gb - Fixed by changing out garbage PSU for a quality one

Hunt:Showdown Crash to desktop no errors /5700Xt|6700XT|6800|7900XT - Fixed by dialing back my RAM tweaks

CS2 Driver Timeout when all other games are error free/ 7900XT w/7950x & Now 7800X3D - Fixed by dialing back RAM tweaks and lowering FCLK

Helldivers 2 game crash/7900XT & 7800X3D - Fixed by disabling SS Global Illumination in game settings

Putting together or buying a new setup is exciting ..and really stinks when things don't run right.

Me and my household have been running mostly all AMD desktops almost since the launch of AM4. Running ASRock motherboards. All our setups have been great setups for us (me, my wife and daughter)

I don't play a lot of games regularly but if I see a lot of posts saying they are having issues with a game , then I'll pick it up/download and install it and see if I can reproduce whatever errors to try and figure out what might be causing said issue .. but usually , the game will run just fine for me.

CS2 and Helldivers 2 where 2 head scratchers though ..

CS2 was so random and infrequent that it was hard to pinpoint what settings helped/didn't help ... Finally figured out that on my system, FCLK was the biggest thing that helped and eventually eliminated the driver timeouts in that game

Helldivers 2, it was pretty consistent with crashing from 1 minute in up to 30 minutes from being dropped on a planet (playing solo only) .. no crashes since disabling that one setting . This is the one game that I've played that can maybe be a driver issue on my system and/or an issue in the way the Playstation port to PC was ported over and will get worked out in a game update and/or a driver update at some point

My current setup:

7800X3D w/NH-D15 with offset bracket & 2 fans

2x32GB GSkill Ripjaws S5 XMP 6400 CAS32 1.4v 1:1/2 @ 6200 CAS30 1.35v 1:1

ASRock B650E Steel Legend

ASRock 7900XT PG OC

Samsung 990 Pro 1TB OS/WD SN770 1TB/KSM KP800 2TB/2TB SATA SSD

Corsair HX1200 80+ Platinum

Corsair 4000D Airflow w/4x140mm fans + 2x120mm fans

ASRock Phantom PG27Q15R2A primary / Samsung S27R750QEN secondary

With any setup, Intel or AMD

Make sure your motherboard's BIOS is up to date

Make sure you have the latest chipset drivers for your platform from either AMD or Intel websites rather than your motherboard manufacture's website. (just like you do for GPU drivers, you go to AMD or Nvidia .. not MSI or ASUS or whomever else)

Make sure you have a more than adequate power supply to handle your whole system while under 100% load and also take into account "transient spikes" that can demand above and beyond what your components spec sheets will say their respective power draws are

Make sure you have adequate cooling for your CPU/GPU and good airflow thru your case. You have to keep your VRM's and RAM cool too

Cable extenders INSIDE your case can be a source of issue .. poor quality or stuff like running a PCIe 3.0 riser cable on your PCIe 4.0 GPU ..etc

Generally good practice to run separate power cables from your PSU to each power input on your GPU

Make sure your firmware is up to date on your SSD's

99% stable overclocks is not stable, lol

"60% of the time .. it works every time" -Anchorman

ThreeDee PC specs

Ah great. (For those with GPUs that support that)

As for me I'm out of luck as the Rog Ally can't do any of that.


Your ROG Ally can't do what?

ThreeDee PC specs

There's not much in terms of tweaking...can't underclock, can't overclock. Can't really tweak the RAM either.

If the Ally could underclock or overclock these issues mightve been resolvable.

I dont think the PSU needs replacing, it's been confirmed that RX7000's for some reason have issues on the Direct X12 front

Sorry, none of these solutiopns work. The only solution is to force DX11, this issue has NOTHING to do with any of your changes. I have;

Reformateted, DDU dozens of times, new SSD SIX TIMES, new RAM, I have 1000W PSU etc. XMP off, on, overlays all off, registry edited timeouts to take an ENTIRE WEEK. Etc. I have had THREE RMAs all presenting the exact same issue even on a completely different PC. WIndows Memory Test, MemTest, Furmark, UserBenchmark, Aida64, Blender Render Tests, HWMonitor, CrystalDisk, CPU-Z. All these tests passed. PC as it was;

  • 7900 XTX (XFX, solid company btw amazing RMA/Warranty)
  • R9 7900x
  • MSI X670e Carbon Wifi
  • MSI MPG 1000W Gold PCIE5
  • 64gb DDR5 6400 EXPO (clocked anywhere from 3000-6400)
  • 9 **bleep**ing Lian Li fans, Arctic II 360mm, Lianli
  • 6 different SSDs

Issues; UE5 Editor (Epic fixed the issues theirself with help from a few of us working with them, they figured it out on THEIR END. AMd REFUSED to help Epic... Epic's own words), Darktide, Phantom Brigade, Deux Ex Mankind Divided, multiple UE "indie" games, Starfield (Fixed on Bethesda's end), Aliens: Dark Descent. There were likely far more, but I wasn't playing them.

One thing fixed this universally. Forcing DirectX 11. Universally is the ONLY SOLUTION. None of your solutions work. My PC as it is now btw;

  • RTX 4080Super MSI tripple OC... thing
  • R9 7900x
  • MSI X670e Carbon Wifi
  • MSI MPG 1000W Gold PCIE5
  • 64gb DDR5 6400 EXPO (clocked anywhere from 3000-6400)
  • 9 **bleep**ing Lian Li fans, Arctic II 360mm, Lianli
  • 6 different SSDs

Issues: None. There is no crashing, at all. Not even CTD, no timeouts, nothing. My system is perfectly stable. EXPO 6400 on my ram, everything capped out and the RTX 4080s on a single 12vHPWR. I don't have to force DX11 anymore, I don't have to worry about if a game will or will not work. I can play Cyberpunk 2077 (which worked perfect before) AND Darktide which takes LESS POWER. So it wasn't power... or memory.

This hardware of the 7900 XTX was more than enough for me and I would HAPPILY have kept it. But now, I am selling my 7900 XTX and keeping this 4080super. It has solved every single issue my system had. Which is something AMD refuses to do... or even acknowledge is an issue publicly despite AMD support and drive engineers speaking directly to some of us trying to figure this issue out. They know this issue exists, and that's all I can say on the matter.


Sorry you had issues .. only initial hiccup was the SS Global Illumination setting but that has been working just fine now since a few game patches ago

I run 2 monitors, DX12 .. all settings maxed at 1440p with a 7950x and now a 7800X3D paired with my 7900XT still without issue.

I wonder what the difference is 

..and you'll get better performance running your 6400 1:1/2 @ 6200 1:1 .. at least mine does. IF you can run stable at 6400 1:1 ..then that would be even better yet

I was having issues with CS2 but turning down my FCLK fixed that .. I'll have crashes in Hunt:Showdown that are resolved by dialing back my RAM tweaks .. even though benchmarks, stress tests .. whatever else passes, runs fine .. and these crashes would make one think it was a GPU issue

Maybe AMD GPU's are more touchy on RAM/FCLK/IMC stability than Nvidia is .. maybe

ThreeDee PC specs

More likely that the devs used nvidia while developing and never really tested with AMD


My son and I are both gamers, he has a 6800XT and I had a 6700XT, recently got a 7900XT. We don't own Helldivers 2 or Phantom Brigade but there are plenty of other DX12 games we have logged hundreds, if not thousands of hours in and have never experienced this driver timeout issue.

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT

As i wrote in other post  i play Helldivers 2 with frequently crashes, my friend with RX7900 and me with 780M using this temporary workaround

from Steam -> Library -> Helldivers 2 -> Properties -> Launch Options

Add this:


now Helldivers 2 doens't crash at all... i hope this help (for now)

Adept III

Yeah its a DX12 issue with certian applications and programs. And there is no solution coming from AMD... people like @FunkZ are playing defense for their company. Linus Tech Tip's ENTIRE team had the timeouts, and know what they said? They said they still recommend AMD because Nvidia needs competition.

... what? Nvidia doesn't need competition, their companies need to be GOOD and solid competitors who offer soemthing that is reliable and as stable. Unfortunately, I am selling my 7900 XTX. I swapped to a 4080 Super. I now have zero crashing on any application I previously had issues on.

I have used AMD for... 26 years at least, I had ATI cards, bought them in highshcool. ATI/AMD has always been amazing and solid for me, I ran my R9 290x for like 10 years, it STILL works. AMD has always been honest and reliable even when they had issues... this though, is the first time AMD is actually, actively, lying to consumers. This isn't market spin they are ACTIVELY lying about this issue. It's gone from "Helldivers 2 has a known drive timeout when changing resoltuions" ro "Multiple monitor displays..."

And they think that's... a solution. To use one monitor. In a post 2014 world where we are ALL using multiple monitors, AMD is the only company you cannot use more than one monitor.

Also I tested one display before no multiple monitors as AMD said that was the issue to me before Helldivers 2 wheN I noticed the issue was across multiple games/applications. One monitor does not fix it, it is not the issue. This is a DX12 compatiblity issue with 7XXX especially our 7900's. The only thing that works is what @thalele stated, force DX11 which ruins the graphical fidelity (especially lighting) but also... runs very poorly.


You Sir are 100% right !

the 7900 are crashing left and right in DX12 games no matter what you do

Adept I

I tried all the fixes that have been posted and none of them worked. Now one thing I did do and SO FAR I have had no more crashes is to disable XMP / DOCP (hope I spelled those right) in the BIOS. The setting that forces your memory to run at its full potential I believe. 

Adept I

hello, does downclocking by about a -10% solves anything in your cases?