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Adept I

AMD Link: What do you want to see in future versions?

Hey guys,

I am looking for your feedback concerning AMD Link - what would you like to see in the future concerning ease of use, features, whatever? Any suggestions would be more than welcome. For those of you who haven't given it a spin yet, you can find it here for iOS and Android. Also FAQ.

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This is a bit strange problem solution. However, just to be a bit clearer - and which of the two video cards should the monitor turn on?

Please open a new thread about this and we discuss there. This is the wrong thread. Thanks.

dual card support in recent games is scant, and modern cards are plenty powerful enough to handle DX11 games even at 4K

I have tried lots of games with my GTX 1060 and no game is unplayable so far

A more powerful card is fine and dandy but anything more powerful starts to become more expensive fast

colesdav wrote:

I was responding to a private message from render1967 

I was just pointing out they could have both of those GPU (RX580 and R9 280X) on one motherboard.
Yes sure I understand the R9 280X is slower than RX 580, but it would be a temporarily workaround sorender1967 could run the games that will not run on the RX580.


For alternate frame rendering - DX11 Crossfire will not work at all with those two GPU's (RX 580 and R9 280X).
I doubt DX12 MultiGPU would work very well if at all for gaming, you would probably see negative scaling of Ashes of the Singularity for example. 
In any case,  DX11 Crossfire is now dead. AMD tried to drop it on RX Vega 56/64 but backtracked. No support for it on the Radeon VII. No support for it on RX5700 or RX5700XT.
DX12 MultiGPU is not getting implemented by developers on new games. Still not there on BFV, for example. 
Nvidia similar story with SLI see: Don’t buy two video cards! - YouTube 

One thing you can use MultiGPU for is Blender, but RX580 and R9 280X are not a good choice for that.
R9 280X is GCN 1.0 and that does not work on Blender versions later than 2.79.
Blender 2.79 had  a major performance boost on AMD GPUs versus versus 2.78, so better off with 1 RX580 on 2.79.

My X570 motherboard is designed primarily for one video card. My RX 480 can generally handle my 4K panel and few games have to be dialed down. I have to play Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 1920x1080 to get an acceptable framerate,

My RX 480 handles DD through DX12 so I am very happy with the card

Journeyman III

I would like to see the app be more compatible with Android TV devices.  I bought an Android TV box running Android 9, specifically so I could stream games through it from my computer to my TV.  The app installed and seemed to work on that box, but there were some other problems not related to AMD Link with that box so I returned it and ordered another one with some additional features [Bluetooth, 5Ghz wifi] that I wanted.  AMD Link won't install on the new box though.  It also is running Android 9.  When I go to the Play Store on the Android TV box and look up AMD Link, it says it's not compatible with the device.  Major bummer, since that was the main reason I bought it.

Adept I

First solve current problems, future is far away.

You guys are not having a good PR right now.

Adept III

Broadcast to Smart TV

If possible miniature stream of the game in the background

  • With estimated performance correction factor option dealing with streaming content and measuring performance
  • Control of Relive from phone or tablet
  • Game Stream control, playback of Relieve content

Link to someone else using link for Data Runs, Game Communication

  • Message or chat box
  • Voice if possible

Ability to use finger/gesture to size the readings so you can fit everything on one screen

Cycle through readings to keep them big and easy to see on the screen

  • Option to have a constant set of readings while others cycle through (user select), for example FPS is always shown while GPU clock, Power, Temperature cycle



I request that you make Link available to run on old Android Tablets like Asus TF101 running on Android 3.0 honeycomb and above. 
I find running Link on a smartphone is not ideal, because of the screen size. 

There must be many people with old Android Tablets that still work but are not used for anything much these days.
It would be good to use those old Android Tablets as a secondary touch screen to monitor and control basic GPU functions.

Main reason = even now, Radeon Overlay (Alt+R) and the Radeon Performance Overlay (Ctrl+Shift+O) does not work properly in many games on all AMD GPU GCN versions from HD7970 -> RX Vega 64 Liquid I have tested. 

Either the RPO flickers randomly or it is unable to report basic things like FPS at all, or it just does not work. 
Using RPO with Multi Monitor seems to confuse the Radeon Overlay (Alt+R) and the Radeon Performance Overlay. 
It either doesn't show up or shows up on the wrong side of the screen or on the wrong monitor. I have reported these issues many times in past years and still broken. 

So maybe using an old Android Tablet with AMD Link could be a reason to use Link. 

I can use MSI Afterburner or Asus GPUTweak II as a performance overlay instead of Radeon Performance Overlay but use of such third party tools is not recommended for AMD driver stability reasons on the support forums at least. 

If you could also make AMD Link run, even in basic form on older Galaxy S3 smartphone as well that may be another way to make use of old device and get a secondary screen just to monitor GPU for those who do not have access to an old Tablet with a larger screen. 



Just took a look at latest version of AMD Link today. PC Running Adrenalin 19.8.1   to monitor FPS on Samsung Galaxy S7 because the Radeon Performance Overlay would not show up in game.

It looks like the Font Size needs fixed for the FPS report.

Please fix it.



Is it possible to add in an AMD Reporting form to report problems with my AMD GPUs in the AMD Link App?
I know there is a feedback section in the App but that is about reporting problems with the App itself.

It would be handy to immediately be able to take a photograph of the Windows 10 BSOD Atikmdag.sys error I regularly get with my AMD Drivers when, for example, I plug in a Razer Core X Thunderbolt 3 eGPU box containing an R9 280x to my PC when running a fresh install of Adrenalin 19.8.1. with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 19.03.

If people could use the AMD Link App to take Photo or Video and send in a bug report of AMD GPU induced Blue Screen of Death or other issues such as Black Screening when playing games or PC Freeze / Audio Buzz lock up etc then perhaps something could be done to improve Driver Stability.


Adept III

The RX 5700 working properly (Without BSOD randomly all the time)

this is not the right place for your request... and, BTW, I have a rx 5700 xt and no BSODs. 


amd link just disappeared from the Google play store.


Really? Why?


I just checked and AMD Link is still on Google play store and the App is working with Adrenalin 19.9.2.

Journeyman III

If it can be used, then why not to use it in all cards that can use such futures??

Adept I

Myself basically like the Android version. Will wait for next updates. Thank you!

Adept I

DDC/CI support for all AMD/ATI graphic cards, I want to able to control monitor brightness, contrast levels through screenbright softwares... it would be amazing.. i hope i am in the correct place to mention this feature :/

Journeyman III

I would like to see the vsync and the freesync work correctly in some game Bonne année 2020

Adept II

fix freesync,it doesn't work properly.I am using LG 22MPVQ monitor which is 75Hz refresh rate but my game doesn't feel smooth under 65fps.All game stutter so much under 65 fps and feels lagy

Let you know FRTC,chill,enhanced sync is turned of and i am using RX 580 4gb

You should open a thread ahout your AMD FreeSync (aka GSync Compatible) Issues elsewhere as this one is supposed to be about AMD Link.
Are you sure that 4GB of DDR5 is enough VRAM for the game settings you are running at? Is your CPU good enough?
The game stutter could be due to insufficient VRAM or that your CPU cannot cope with the game you are running.


i am sure this is freesync problem,i am using core i5 9400f and my monitor is 1080p so,don't need 8gb vram.i play all game smoothly but game doesn't feel smooth under 65fps with freesync.but my freesync range is 40-75 hz

Adept II

 Radeon relive saves all screenshot in one folder which looks very bad and it takes me many time to find my screenshots but NVIDIA geforce experince software saves screenshots in separate folder like this picture.For example if i am playing Metro exodus and take screenshots it will automatically create a Metro Exodus folder and the screenshots will save on this folder

i will be very happy if amd do like this method in next update2019.11.08-18.27 (2).png

Journeyman III

Minimal minimal minimal infinitesimally MINIMAL DRIVERS -- but with the option to set a decent fan curve since I don't care how fast it runs, I just don't want to overheat the GPU.  Don't need anything ever to do with gaming.  Just want to paint 4 screens in WQHD 2560x1440 with ordinary Windows software and browsers and have my use 100+ windows and the same number of browser tabs (in 3 browsers) all open simultaneously and scattered all over my monster monitors, so everything is RIGHT WHERE I NEED IT.oth 

I don't want to "tweak" anything, nor "overclock" anything since I haven't been a teenager in 35+ years, and because I don't like my GPU locking up the system.

How's about you just give us the RATED settings, IN A DRIVER, with the option to bump up the fan profile, since I can't believe fan noise from a Graphics card is even SLIGHTLY a big deal -- It's NOTHING compared to all the other fans in a full size case cooling everything ELSE...

That's all we want.  I'm not the only one asking for this.

Give us STABILITY and the ability to set the fan speed profile so the GPU doesn't deep-fry any cables near in at 82 Celsius-ish just because AMD and Sapphire (yeah, I know, bad way to return to using AMD products) think somebody could actually hear a GPU dual fan over the 19 lighted fans in everybody's case spinning at absurd speeds, just so the LEDs get brighter.

Rant enough for ya?

Don't need sound.  Didn't buy the fancy RX 590 Nitro+ since I didn't care about 12 extra MHz, just the same core Polaris GPU in a 590 Pulse that probably -can- overclock, but I do NOT want it to.

Nor do I want any "freesyncing" going on.  Forget that.  I'll figure out the scan rates (listen to me, you'd think these things were still CRTs!) that my monitors like -- usually about 60 on a DP and 59 on an HDMI for nice 4K 32" good-brand monitors running at 2K, since nobody can see anything business-worthy at 4K anyway.  And 65" 4K TVs with generic panels tend to like 29Hz on HDMI, and that's more than fast enough, since the human eye sees motion at much slower frame-rates than that, and, again, I don't care how fast UltraEdit can paint the code I'm typing into it.

OH, and HEY, how about building a GPU and driver combination that doesn't LOSE HALF THE MONITORS everytime it puts them to sleep?

Think you can manage that one?   Those pair of monitors get ZERO signal and one or both of 'em then gets a snow-storm.when the card is finally smart enough to output a sufficiently strong WAKE signal to the mons, and YES, I'm using extremely good cables.

So, maybe this is silly from a guy who just upgraded from a GeForce 760 Ti 4GB, and thought it would be good bang for the buck to get 8GB in this AMD RX590 mid-grade card, but SHEESH...

What is with the BLOAT?

What is with needing to just black the screens with "screen saver" (sheesh, there's a term from 1987, reminds me of flying toasters) and can't even dare let the monitors power off since this card isn't bright enough to wake 'em.

Yeah, that too.

And FAN SPEED adjustment.  Or just do it RIGHT from the factory and never let the bloomin' thing get over 42-ish Celsius and just spin those suckers right up.  Still can't hear 'em over the other fans.  Do NOT care.

Give us STABILITY, LESS BLOAT and for FREAK SAKE, let us choose which portions of the non-driver software we want to install.  How about NEARLY NONE?

And that, Santa AMD, is what I want for Videomas.


Tiny Tim

Have you tried custom install of drivers to install which portions of AMD Software you need?


Youbetcha I've tried that, and it's extremely limited in choosing "portions" of the software -- it's basically all-or-none on the BLOATWARE portion and then yes-or-no on the extra helpings of BLOAT.

Closest thing to what I need is the DRIVER-ONLY installs, but they don't let me set the fan curve, which needs to be set because its default tilts heavily toward being "quiet" at the expense of a far-too-hot-running GPU.

Why not give us the option for just the basic driver, plus a fan control, eh?

Or if AMD wants to claim it's offering a "custom" install, then it needs to slice up its BLOATED SOFTWARE and truly let us choose from the fragments of which bits we truly want.

How about just installing the AMD Driver and using MSI Afterburner or Sapphire Trixx for fan control.


bsdinis wrote:

A nice feature would be NOT CRASH OUR COMPUTERS EVERY DAY.

Can you add that?

I had that until a new BIOS surfaced that cured a lot of them.

Most likely more fixes are in the works 

Adept II

nice question

Adept I

The ability to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit in Adrenaline.

Adept I

The ability to install only the drivers as I don't play games - I use the computer for following the stock market on 4 displays.

use the pro drivers then.

EDIT: also...why do you use a videocard if you're not gaming or use it for professional workloads?

Get a CPU/APU with integrated graphics.

Journeyman III

better fix green screen issue in 5700 series finally

this thread is for AMD LINK software... not for reporting generic problems.

open a new thread or find an appropriate one.

Adept II

need a big adrenaline rehaul as far as link goes.

AMD Link using relive is unclear on driver install. I only know it's needed when I try to use link and relive is disabled.

Putting remote play into separate sections from link doesn't make sense. It's powered by relive but used by link, put it in the link menu.

Adrenaline having that small submenu that disappears under the big gray buttons sucks. It took me 10 minutes to find link as a new user. That little row under the advertisements disappears and is inconsistent with the flow and design of the GUI.

The UI is not friendly or clear for configuring and using link.

As far as functionality within I can't report since (at least the most current) adrenaline has a multiplatform multiuser bug that breaks link functionality ( I reported the bug).

Adding pc's manually should be primarily by hostname, not IP. hostname shouldn't be the optional choice, 99.5% of your userbase has dhcp which will change and it's a lot easier to just gather a hostname. You could put hostname on top and resolve DNS/populate the IP. Why force users to fill out IP if the hostname resolves for manual adds? It makes no sense.

If link is powered by a better hardware encoder than the one leveraged in steam then I'd really like to see amdlink with better steam integration, including access to the link encoder.

It's called AMD Adrenalin.


I have purchased one of these for my Xbox controller and iPhone, but as soon as I launch AMD Link and start streaming to my phone, the controller stops working (which is connected to my computer via Bluetooth)

Phone HandGrip Clamp Stand for Xbox ONE S/Slim Ones Controller /Steelseries Nimbus Gamepad iphone X ... 

Isn't this a normal use case?

Why does AMD Link try and take over the controller?

Can we have an option to just use the controller already connected to the PC via Bluetooth? I don't want to use my phone to control my game.

A better compatibility with Unreal Engine 4 in games like Assetto Corsa Competizione

Adept II

Adrenaline 2020 just launched. I installed it on my desktop. BIG improvement everyone, great job!

I will say, The only way to see amd link is under system > devices. Shouldn't that be called "AMD Link Devices" ?

Shouldn't amd link and streaming/relive all be together in the same pane? it's still "Streaming".

And shouldn't that streaming tab still show up with a notification for users with basic virtualization needs since that now stops core amd functionality?

Adept I

ilk başta kart üretmeyi bırakıp şu yazılım işlerini mükemmel hale getirmelerini istiyorum bir aydır asus rx580 aldım yok şu ayar yok bu ayar ayar uzmanı olduk yıllardır nvidıa kullandım böyle sıkın tı yaşamadım 19,20,2 yayınladılar yükledim bilgisayar pert yeniden 19,20,1 döndüm düzeldi işi gücü bıraktık kartla boğuşuyoruz