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Adept I

AMD Link: What do you want to see in future versions?

Hey guys,

I am looking for your feedback concerning AMD Link - what would you like to see in the future concerning ease of use, features, whatever? Any suggestions would be more than welcome. For those of you who haven't given it a spin yet, you can find it here for iOS and Android. Also FAQ.

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I would like the follwoing improved w.r.t. monitoring MultiGPU metrics.
If AMD Link connection is dropped I then reconnect and I have to click the checkerboxes for every single metric.
I would like to be able to store the metrics I want to monitor if possibe so I save time if I have to restart the App.



Journeyman III

I would like a version that allows me to put my TV in HDMI with sounds again please ... since the update of the driver I have the image but no sounds

Adept II

I would like to see the controllers work as they should

Each new version only brings new bugs

The integration of AMD with YouTube/Chrome is terrible, so laggy.

Same on 2D

Masive games, like fortnite, have terrible problems with your drivers: Please install 18.7.1, you have 18.5.1 and have problems with this game. OK. Please install 18.3.3, you have 18.7.1 and have problems with this game. OK. 18.3.3 = masive frame drops. OK. No drivers FOR THE MOST POPULAR GAME AT THE MOMENT.

18.7.1 Problem with PC freeze random at moving the mouse with 2 screens this happens a lot.

18.5.1 Same problem but with 3 screens always.

NVIDIA have problems = new patch. AMD have problems = wait 6 months, we know our erros. OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.

My PC specs: Ryzen 1600 + Thermaltake Contact Silent 12 - MSI Gaming Plus x370 - 2 x 8GB DDR4 3200 Mhz Corsair LPX - MSI Gaming X RX480 8GB - Seasonic 620w - 2 x 1 TB HDD WD Black + 250 GB SSD Samsung 850 evo

Journeyman III

Would LOVE to see improved performance for No Man's Sky. It's a game AMD cards have always had problems and now with the increased playerbase, the issues are more noticeable than ever.

I have an RX 580 and dip below 20 fps in many circumstances (near any structures/space stations). Most of the time I can't get above 40 fps unless I'm in space looking at a black void. Have tried just about every combination of in-game settings + Radeon game settings there are to no avail.

I've sent in feedback to Hello Games on the matter, but there's been no indication that they intend to improve performance. I know that AMD cards aren't optimized for OpenGL, so can't help but think there are some issues on the back-end

GPU: XFX RX580 8gb XXX edition

CPU: FX-9590 @ 5.0 ghz

RAM: 24gb ddr3

Have been monitoring hardware usage -- have no bottlenecks and all temps are within parameters


This thread is about AMD LINK.

Journeyman III

1: Do a generic driver for Linux users, and not only for .deb, .rpm, etc...

Adept II

..real reliability in drivers.

Journeyman III

I wish I could have a UI that allows for all of the information to be seen on one screen.  How about functionality for troubleshooting information to be sent to the device in case of lock up.

Adept I

I sincerely hope that AMD return SPIR support in future driver versions. For now it was dropped from v18.7.1 to v18.8.2.

At least, please, say something definite about SPIR future.



Are you talking about this?
: SPIR Overview - The Khronos Group Inc

please open a thread on the subject and describe the problem there.





Yes, SPIR it is.

I've already did so a week ago, but nobody answer. Do you know, does AMD representatives read this forum?

AMD dropped SPIR support



Yes I think they do, hard to tell who represents AMD on here and who does not though.
I will take a look at your post later and I may have a few questions for you.


Journeyman III


Journeyman III

a different way to connect besides using internet.  A USB connection, maybe Bluetooth




Need better support for multiple graphics systems


All the data on both GPUs are the same,i think this a bug


In addition, the function I want to see is when I open AMD LINK, the first interface can directly choose to connect to my computer.



Are you running with Crossfire on or off?
I do not see GPU utilization reported.
If you have Crossfire on and you are running a DX11 game then the VRAM is mirrored on each GPU.
In otherwords if you run 2 GPU in crossfire, each with 8GB Vram, your total VRAM in Crossfire is still 8GB as far as the application is concerned, not 16GB.
I think most DX12 multiGPU games also behave that way as well.
In Crossfire the Memory and Clock speeds are normally 'synchronised' on matched cards, unless you force it otherwise.

I do not normally run with AMD Link because it constantly drops out on me. I think it is a gimmick unless that is fixed.
I will take a look to see what it reports on my cards. (R9 FuryX/Fury/Nano).
See what happens if you turn crossfire off. You should see different results reported for the GPU's in that case.
The primary GPU should report different info to the secondary.



Crossfire is ON

and According to what you have given, I have noticed some other problems.

I am running a game that does not support AMD Crossfire.

An interesting error occurred in AMD LINK at this time.


This is a game that doesn't support AMD Crossfire.

Only the main graphics card has a load

When I open AMD LINK and connect to PC

The default interface reading at the beginning is no problem.


But then I let AMD LINK show more display options.

And made changes


it no longer shows the situation of GPU1.

When I switch views again



The other test is to run a game that supports AMD Crossfire. For convenience, I choose 3DMARK to run.

And I use Wattman to set different values (frequency) for the two GPUs to confirm if there is a "synchronization" problem.


and GPU-2 is GPU-2.PNG

You can notice the very obvious difference in frequency.

If "synchronization" does exist, the result I should get after running 3DMARK is that the Wattman reading is consistent with the AMD LINK reading (provided AMD Link has no bugs)

After that is the result.



↑sama bug GPU2...GPU2


What I just said is the result of AMD LINK.

But in wattman, I got very different results.


The strange thing is that 3dmark seems to have a different answer.

Unlike my settings, the second graphics card read by 3Dmark has a memory frequency of 945 MHz, but combined with the results reported by AMD LINK, this should be an erroneous read.


Why did AMD LINK not show FPS in the first test?

Because the game is behind, and the Radeon Settings window is in front XD

Please reply me if you have any questions.

and colesdav​ ,Also about what you said can not be connected

You can refer to the following link

How to open firewall ports in Windows 10 - Windows 10


RE your screenshot here:                                                                                                                   
It looks like you have forgotten to hit the "Apply" button after you changed the global settings for your secondary RX Vega 64:                          |



and colesdav ,Also about what you said can not be connected

You can refer to the following link

How to open firewall ports in Windows 10 - Windows 10

Thank you for pointing me to that link. I did work out that it was Windows 10 blocking and I did get it working.

In the case where the Game does not support Crossfire I would expect the seconfary GPU to run at min clocks.
Feel free to open an AMD Reporting form using this:


Or a Support Ticket using this: Online Service Request | AMD

You never know it might get fixed ...


I didn't click "Apply" when I took a screenshot, but then clicked

The data recorded by AMD Link also proves this.


Thank you for your suggestion

I will report this to AMD.


In addition, about running a program that does not support Crossfire, except for the main GPU, all other GPUs run at the lowest frequency.

That's it now.(Based on my observation)

other than that, although there are some deviations from the theme,

I have raised some topics on this subject.→somethings about Relive

I also want to know how to report my "hope" or ideas to AMD (not a bug, but it is "hope")

RE: I also want to know how to report my "hope" or ideas to AMD (not a bug, but it is "hope")

Personally I have tried praying to God but that doesn't seem to work to be honest with you.


You could always try joining this if it is still active:

I think you have to sign an NDA though, and I doubt you would have much influence on having new features implemented if any.


Thank you for your suggestion

I will try to join it.

If I can join it successfully, that would be great.

I really want to make some suggestions/hopes to AMD.

If AMD Drivers have more/better features, not only for me, also for all AMD players, whether they like AMD or not, they will benefit

AMD can bring a bright future (such as ROCm, or user-friendly features like FreeSync), rather than the monopoly and closed source and exclusivity of green manufacturers.


Yes, sure, go for it.
But reporting issues here, submitting report forms, and opening cases, should be more than enough to demonstrate such support.


Sorry I can't help you on this one. I tried.

I am running Adrenalin 18.10.1. on Fresh install of Windows 10 64 bit 18.03 version.

I am also running Amd Link 1.1.180613 on Galaxy S7.
AMD link will not scan the QOR code and inputting manual connection will not work at all.
So the AMD Link App is useless to me at the moment.
I will double check later to see if there is some privacy setting in Windows 10 64bit that I have set which prevents it from working, or if i need to update the Android App later.



Windows 10 Defender Security Center was blocking the App from connecting.

It appears to be working fine now, since I stopped Windows Security Center blocking the App.

GPU0 = R9 FuryX Primary in Crossfire with
GPU1 = R9 Nano secondary

The GPU SCLK clocks show up running at different frequencies which are correct moderately overclocked values.

The HBM MCLK clock are fixed at 500MHz --- definitely cannot change those these days ... might start to catch an RX Vega 64 I could.  

Those two GPU are running overwatch at 4K EPIC and Resolution scale increased to 100%.

GPU 2 is a repaired R9 FuryX on a mining adapter, sitting, at 300MHz.
I thought I would give it a rest from running Blender Renders since I repaired it. I am amazed it is still working.

So The AMD Link it appears to be working o.k. to me.



Adept II

I love it!

Would like to see more options for hardware monitoring in general like in-depth cpu parameters etc.



I have had to go back to running AMD Link on Adrenalin 18.11.2 with a brand new XFX RX Vega 64 Liquid.


This is what happens if I turn on the Radeon Performance Overlay  "RPO", in this example it is BFV at 2K/4K.

"RPO off:"


"RPO on"


That's a lovely Nvidia Green color there, when I click on that Show Metrics option.
I couldn't make this up up if I tried.
Also please note that the Radeon Performance Overlay is frequently too small to even read anyhow, at 4K.

Anyhow - Using the AMD link as an alternative.

I have been trying to set a stable undervolt on the RX Vega 64 Liquid and I want to monitor the FPS, Clocks and reported GPU Power - which is about 360 Watts in Turbo mode when games are running.

However ... the AMD Link display keeps dropping the additional (non default) metrics such as GPU Power.
Also when I try to take a screenshot of the AMD Link monitor it frequently gets messed up.

Please fix one  or the other or preferably both.

Thank you.


I have not encountered this problem.

So I think this may be a special case


Which case - AMD link dropping out or the Radeon Overlay.




Updated my driver to 18.11.2 and now I get green videos when recording with ReLive.

Just as shown on your screenshots.

OSD works fine, radeon overlay won't show. Tested in GTA 5 and PUBG.


Thanks for the information and for taking the time to respond.

What is your system information - - are you running with an RX Vega 64?

All of my other AMD GPU's are working ~ OK with the Radeon Overlay in Adrenalin 18.11.1 and 18.11.2. That's GPU's from R9 Fury X  &  HD7970/R9 280x.

ReLive Recording is working. It is just the Radeon Overlay performance monitor.
Note I am running with Virtual Super Resolution turned on, as the native monitor resolution is 1080p 75Hz , however the monitor can run at 2K 75Hz and 4K60Hz.

In some games I get solid color - in otheres the screen corruption varies.
I will post a link to where I reported the problem.


Yes, it's the Vega 64 - Sapphire Nitro+ to be exact.

MSI X370 Gaming pro carbon
Ryzen 7 1700X @ 4.0GHz @ 1.3V (custom loop)
G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3200 CL 14 (running at rated speeds via XMP)
240gb noname SSD

Windows 10 - 1809


OK thanks for confirming it's not just me and my XFX RX Vega 64 Liquid.
I was considering sending it back.

Nice choice of that RX Vega 64 Nitro+ it's the best of the AIB GPU's, along with the Power Color Red Devil Vega 64.
I went for the RX Vega 64 Liquid because it's 40mm wide and lets me fit more GPU's to my PC.
Anyhow I will get on and submit an AMD Reporting form and email support ticket and mayve this one will get fixed.


Here is what I see with the overlay:
Radeon Performance Overlay broken on RX Vega 64 Liquid. Anyone else seen this?
There are videos in that link.
In other games I just get black screen when I turn on the performance monitor.
Thanks again.

Adept III

Maybe some way to stream to the PC?

Just seeing the stats... is interesting but not really useful.

Adept II

At the moment it seems like AMD Link only monitors the global settings. The ability to monitor the profiles created for each game would be nice.

Adept III


Is AMD Link still being supported?
I don't know if its too late to add some small feedback about the app but here goes.

- On start up, rather than asking me to add a new PC, It should skip to the settings menu for quick connection.

or show your synced PCs in a small window on start up.

- Lower font size in the performance menu.

- Checkbox memory & in order of my input. I have a multi GPU system, it's a hassle to check these boxes in a specific order each time I connect.

I'm a realist, I don't expect a complete re-coding of the app. These small feedbacks are easy to implement and would make this app more intuitive to use.

P.S. The app is a great addition to my PC, I like it and would like to see it improve.


There has just been a 'Big Update' Adrenalin 2019 - That's AMD Adrenalin 18.12.2. You need to update AMD Link App as well.
AMD Link App seems to stay connected better this time.
AMD Link App would not connect correctly using QR Code.

As for AMD Adrtenalin 18.12.2 Driver and new features. Seriously don't bother. This has got to be one of the worst 'Major Updates' I have seen in a long time. I will do a post about it. There are a couple of 'positive things' but the rest is plain broken.