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AMD link says I have ReLive turned off while It's on

Hi everyone, hopefully you'll understand what I'm writing and help me because It's becoming flustrating.

So I have problem with AMD link, when I go to this game tab, it says that I need to enable ReLive while I have it enabled.
I've tried common things like installing different versions of windows driver, cleaning (android)app data, I haven't tried using it on different phone because it worked on this before(I belive it's LG magna, android 6 if anyone needs that).
Also If It's anything related to this, server's default Ip adress is instead of 192.168.1.X

I've also tried recording with ReLive on AMD link app and it worked just fine so I think It's kind of weird bug.

Sorry, I've forgotten to post my PC specs:
GPU: Radeon RX580
DRIVER(installed newest after some tries with older versions): 19.11.3 Adrenalin 2019
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
SYSTEM: Latest Windows 10

RAM: 8Gb

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