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Journeyman III

AMD Link : No Internet option on device


I'm trying to setup Amd Link over internet.

Following FAQ there should be an option on the device in order to enable it :'ai-un-profil-local.-Comme...

How over the only option present is to detach the device, any idea why the option is not here ?


Installation detail :

Software Version - 2020.0317.1712.30971
Driver Version -
Provider - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
2D Driver Version -
Direct3D® Version -
OpenGL® Version - 26.20.11000.13587
AMD Audio Driver Version -
Vulkan™ Driver Version - 2.0.137
Vulkan™ API Version - 1.2.133
Windows Version - Windows 10 (64 bit)

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If you trying to link with your TV. Here are the TV that support AMD LINK:

The problem is not about installation of installing Amd Link but using the internet feature as stated in the faq  :


How over there is no such option as mentionned in 1st post


Thanks that clarifies your problem much clearer.

Try opening a Online AMD Service Request (Official AMD SUPPORT) and see why that option is not showing up on on the AMD Link menu from here: 

Maybe other Users who are very familiar with AMD Link might be able to suggest something to solve your problem.

Sorry I wasn't much help.

Good luck and take care.

By the way, The reason why I posted AMD LINK FAQ is because the link you posted is not working. When I click on your link it just reopens this same thread.


If you didn't think my suggestion was helpful then please translate the image you posted into English.

The only thing I believe I understand is that you are trying to connect your Cellphone to your TV via AMD Link and is not showing up.

If this is correct, does your TV have Android 7 platforms and higher versions installed?

Ok the problem is trying to link an android smartphone to amd link throught the Play Store Application

The goal is to stream game from the computer to the smartphone.

The documented pairing process is fine and streaming is ok on local network.

The question was that in the FAQ there is the possibility of activate the streaming outside the home network, eg thought 4G.


As mentionned in the fact there should be an option at device level for activating this feature. 

 After you do, you need to go to Radeon Software -> Settings, in your Devices section and right click on the profile. You will see an option to allow the profile to also connect via the Internet – please enable it. 

How over the is no such option on the device, only the unlink option are present (lang has been switched to english) :


Hope this is more clear.