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Journeyman III

AMD Link choppy audio

I'm using the AMD Link app with the following setup:

- PC connected to router via ethernet
- Phone connected to wifi via 5GHz, strength of wifi signal always maxed out (i don't live in a palace =o)

- Checking with WiFi analyzer app, i can see I'm the only 5GHz user (all the neighbors use 2.4GHz wifi)

- I set up port forwarding on the router for 41110 - 41111 and 58888 - 58888 ports (TCP/UDP)


When doing test measurement stream in the AMD Link, i get up to 120 Mbps, around 20-30 ms latency and 0.00% lost frames depending on settings. And yet, during streaming, the audio sometimes hitches. It doesnt matter what audio or bit rate settings I use, resolution, fps, i tried various combinations, it always hitches every 7 or so seconds.

Any idea what might be the cause? Do you know of any other router optimizations or setup tricks to get the best possible streaming?

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