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Journeyman III

AMD Link cannot connect to PC unless via LAN?

I have tried everything I could find to be able to connect to my PC via AMD Link while outside of my local area network using 5g as well as other WiFi networks but I always get the same error:

"xxxxxxPC is currently unreachable. Please make sure your PC is online and the AMD Link server is enabled to continue."

The AMD Link server is enabled, my PC is online, I have forwarded the necessary port as well as the streaming port in my router, and even tried disabling the adguard on my android phone to no avail. Is this feature simply broken? It works fine as long as I am connected to the home network that my PC is connected to, however AMD Link for whatever reason thinks my PC is unreachable outside of the home network.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I am soon approaching a period where I'll be away from my PC for a time and would love to be able to continue to play games during my downtime. Thanks!

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Journeyman III

I'm having literally the exact same problem.  Done all the steps and nothing.  I did get it to work on my android phone but can't get it to work on iPhone or laptop.  Seems to be an issue but haven't seen any clear fixes for this.  Like whats the **bleep**ing point in AMD having a support site if they never **bleep**ing respond to it!??