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AMD Instant replay Doesn't record Audio from time to time


So I haver been playing BF2042 a lot recently and try to record stuff for my YouTube channel and 4 out of 10 times my clips recorded through Instant replay end up having no Audio at all. Like I checked them in video editors with audio wave displayers there is absolutely no audio in those clips. And the worst part is it doesn't happen to all the clips so I cant even tell what is causing the problem. As I mentioned in a Single gaming session 4-5 out of 10 times clips recorded through Instant replay wont have any sound. This is causing a lot of problem as Im losing audio in a lot of good clips everyday.


I am literally Lost. I tried every solution I could find online including using the HEVC encoder, Switching Instant replay buffer to System Memory, Setting audio Channel to Stereo and also DDU 2  times and still no result, switched windows audio format to 32bit 41khz, disabled Monitor Audio output and set Headphones to default Audio Output device etc. I cant say if it happens with other games as well for sure but Before I DDU it did happen a Couple of times in Other games. 

If anyone have any Idea Please Help me out, TIA!

My specs are:

* CPU: i9 12900k

*GPU: Gigabyte Eagle Rx 6600 (8gb)

*RAM: 32gb

*OS: Win 11

Here's the settings I use for capture. And I also got these settings from suggestions in other post in this the forum.
My recording settingsMy recording settings



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