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Adept I

AMD High Definition Audio Device stutters while playing audio

I use AMD High definition Audio Device to get sound from my monitor via HDMI, couple of days ago it started to stutter during playing music. after a lot of troubleshooting, I turned to the internet and found this:

it is exactly the same problem I have. when coreclock gets higher the stutter goes away but coreclock rises when a video or a game is played, but not while playing audio, while it plays, it goes back to 300 Mhz. I have an rx 480, driver version 19.2.1. I rolled back to a previous one, using ddu. the problem still persists.

I have no problem with internal sound device. As the link suggests, it happens when the clock is down and stutters when just playing music, not video or video games.

thanks in advance.

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Adept I

Can anyone from AMD help me about this? it looks like it is a rare issue. how can I raise the min clock? please help.

Journeyman III

Exact same issues with Radeon VII this essentially breaks proper audio output from the card entirely!

All attempts to use an external display's speaker/throughput contains continuous intermittent crackling/stuttering it's very frustrating!

It took me quite a lot of troubleshooting to find this I tried all combinations of HDMI and DP output, sample rate configs, new cables, and more before I finally came across this post so thanks a lot for posting that link @sazu


Radeon VII - v19.9.2-19.9.3

AMD High Definition Audio Device - v10.0.1.1

Windows 10 Pro Build 18990.1 & past builds


My pleasure. I solved the issue completely by the way. My xmp profile was causing the issue. It seems one of my ram modules was failing, and xmp profile was heavily stressing it, causing this issue. After returning to stock values, the problem went away.

As someone else here had said - they removed their xmp profile. I went in and set all tuning/overclocking back to default and sound immediately stopped stuttering ... For now.