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AMD HDR Private API still not outputting BT2020 with 12.1.3

AMD HDR Private API is still not outputting BT2020 with 12.1.3 - how is this acceptable to wait months for a fully functional Card?


Any game or movie app which uses AMD HDR API rather than windows own outputs the incorrect colourspace leaving all colours heavily unsaturated, this also appears to be an issue on NAVI 8 cards / discrete graphics.


This has been logged several times, on this forum and to AMD direct but nothing has been done. AMD Have just promised to fix all driver issues at CES, will this happen, this particular issue should be a 5 minute job for any DEV as all they need to do is compare the driver with a old gen which still works like the RX580.


What is maybe hampering this fix is that not many games and apps use the AMD HDR API


tech blurb:

The agsSetDisplayMode() function used to set a specific display in HDR mode, does its job perfectly: it sends metadata to the display device, which is defined in section 6.9 «Dynamic Range and Mastering InfoFrame» according to Table 5 of the CTA-861 standard. But in the same Table 5 there is also «Auxiliary Video Information (AVI)» defined in section 6.4. And all display devices are required to use the color space (colorimetry) from this data section (AVI InfoFrame) for the current video signal.
Suppose we are in SDR mode with the standard sRGB color space. And we want to switch to the HDR mode with the BT.2020 color space, which is the main one for this mode. By calling the agsSetDisplayMode() function, we put the display device in HDR mode. And we see distorted or unsaturated colors. This is because the display device did not receive the corresponding flag from the GPU in the AVI InfoFrame and is trying to display our BT.2020 color space in its sRGB.
Please tell me, do you think that such HDR support in AGS_SDK is sufficient? If yes, then advise what else needs to be done so that the display device passes into the correct color space when activating the HDR mode using AGS?

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