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Journeyman III

AMD G15 Advantage Edition Ryzen 9 5900HX AMD Rx 6800m

Good evening or morning, to whomever it may concern. I recently purchased a G15 advantage gaming laptop (with dual AMD CPU/GPU) anywho, it came with AMD Adrenalin edition automatically out the box. Things were going fine until an update came through on Adrenalin, after installation/update of said driver, my laptop BSOD'd and then restarted. Upon restarting, there were no longer drivers on my laptop, however I could still run games and the like normally, so I tried getting Adrenalin back again, and the nutty thing that occurred was, it sort of failed/got stuck at 68%. I left it alone for about an hour to two hours, and proceeded to try and restart, thus leading to more problems, thus my computer timing out, and not being able to click anything and my wifi was auto-disabled. The only option I had because it seems to have only happened within 2-3 minutes, was go into device manager and update the GPU via Windows. I'm curious as to if I had to update it via AMD's official website and potentially blue screen my system again, or just leave it alone. If it helps, I've only had the laptop for a month, and already had a replacement due to the same issue happening before on the previous model crashing while even installing/updating the GPU. It's really......exasperating to say the least, and I unfortunately did NOT get a warranty though, I may plan on doing so. I purchased through Best Buy as well, but the warranty through them is like....relatively expensive, extra, and was going to see if i could do so through MY ASUS...anyway, was wondering if anyone knew a solution, I'm a tad nervous to try and DL the auto detect tool through AMD again.

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