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Adept I

AMD FX990 Sata Problem

Good day,

noticed recently that 2 of my sata ports of my Asus Crosshair V Formula is not working ever since i have installed windows 10 1903

giving me an error of

This device cannot start. (Code 10)

An I/O adapter hardware error has occurred.

and if i manually install the amd sata driver for it , it bsod

but the other 4 works perfectly and in the bios all of the ports work without any problems

in safe mode it does not even list the non working port or what ever is connected to it


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According to PCI LOOKUP the Hardware Device ID is this: HighPoint Technologies, Inc. 

The HPT372A/372N is a soldered chip on your motherboard that concerns RAID:

HighPoint is a manufacturer of storage solutions. They are well known for their Rocket and RocketRAID IDE and SATA controllers. In the late 1990s respectively early 2000s many motherboard manufacturers soldered HighPoint IDE controllers like HPT366, HPT370 or HPT372 on their premium boards.

I have attached a PDF file concerning everything to do with this paricular RAID Controller including BIOS settings to this post for you to take a look at. 

But I would suggest to open a Asus Support ticket and see if they have any compatible drivers for Windows 10 version 1903 since the last Chip set is for Windows 7 & 8 from 2012.

Okay went to Asus Support for the motherboard CROSSHAIR V FORMULA and found it is a very old Motherboard.

Does have Windows 10 drivers but the Chip Set and SATA (Asmedia) are for Windows 7: CROSSHAIR V FORMULA Driver & Tools | Motherboards | ASUS USA 

What is the Make & Model of the Processor do you have installed?

Adept I

the asmedia raid controller driver is installed and working perfect , i have never seen something called highpoint on my system this is compeltely new to me

also this board does not have any ide ports etc?

FX8150 Procesor is being used here


That is the device Hardware ID you posted unless it is wrong.

It is a CHIP soldered on your motherboard.

I would contact Asus Support.