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Adept I

Amd fury / 3700x Black screen freeze, no signal, sounds goes buzzing

So i've already had similiar problem in 2018, i've done everything i could then sent my gpu on warranty, but to my surprise i got a response that the card was fine and didn't require any repairs.

To my surprise after 1 month of using intel gpu, the fury worked normally 0 black screens etc.

Recently, about 2 months ago i've upgraded my pc and bought a 3700x with b450 max tomahawk, everything worked perfectly until recently, i've started getting black screen crashes basically the same issue as before.

The screen freezes, fades to black, sound stops, but not always last crash my music was still playing but discord sound stopped, then it goes to buzzing and the screen never recovers.

I kept checking eventvwr every crash, and there's always the same error 

Always the same message, i don't see any TDR/display errors in the log so i'm not even sure what's the problem, i've tried all solutions i could find googling, defaults, new drivers, new chipset drivers, ryzen power plans, i even stress tested my PSU to the max to rule it out.

Ran furmark, 8k youtube video p95 maximum power test for 5 mins, the temps dont go above 80 on the cpu, same for gpu staying at like 70, i believe there's no way a game like bf v could ever use more power than during those tests.

The PSU is from 2016 XFX TS 650 W GOLD

Mobo MSI b450 tomahawk max

Ryzen 3700x

Sapphire R9 Fury nitro

2x8Gb ripjaws 3200 cl 16

2 drivers 1 nvme, second sata

I'm really out of options here.. i can't even test on my old cpu cause i sold it

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Adept II

If I had to guess - power supply 650 is small kind of - - I had a triple fury x set up they suck mucho power


No.. I've tested it so many times now, 8k youtube video in background p95, furmark or OCCT running in background for maximum power draw from both GPU and CPU, there is no crashing, can let the tests run as much as i want, and this is on MAX power draw possible, which won't ever happen in any game.

This PSU had 648w on 12v

The problem has ceased for now, but i've done so many things that i don't even know what fixed it for now...

I really wanted to get 5700 xt as my new card but i'll try nvidia next, after flawless 7870 that served me for years this fury gives me nightmares at night.