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Adept II


Hey I have in the newest 19.2.3 and 19.2.2 version problem when Freesync is active or AMD optimized. When i open most of my games and it is Fullscreen it keeps every few seconds 3-4 to go black and say "input not supported" and then keeps staying out with that error until i close the game without seeing what i do. U wrote in release not this "A loss of video may be intermittently experienced when launching a fullscreen player application with Radeon FreeSync enabled." and sorry to say but is that not what i am explaining ??? if it is then u did not fix it at fix that plz and i hope u soon fix the problem with Display port cables since i cant use it anymore bevause when i do then when tab in out of games or just on a program it freezes screen above my Taskbar and that i can see my mouse moving and i cant close program/game or get task manager with ctrl+alt+del

And i tested it with 2 diffrent HDMI cables and i tryed 2 x Display ports and it is same on all of them..

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