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AMD flickring since 22.10.2

AMD, fix this issue please its quite annoying!

Spend alot of money in AMD and you guys cannot release a decent stable driver version.
My screen is flickring black every 10-30 seconds.

Started downgrade again

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MPO is causing all these issues, disabling it will likely fix all issues blackscreens as well search for MPO fix that plagued Nvidia its plague'ng AMD right now.

it was discovered on guru3d forums check page 5 off the 22.10.2 driver thread it has a lot of info what kind of issues Nvidia had which where very similar to what AMD is having right now including forcing vsync off for example or changing any vsync related settings.


Well... Nvidia STILL hadn't completely fixed all issues with MPO completely as well. And it is freaking 2 years since they started changes with 461.09 driver! They just tell you to disable MPO from registry if it is buggy for you. What a nice solution! Granted they are on further step of resolving than AMD currently. But AMD had less time since engaging into this sea of bugs. 



Surely Nvidia have all nice and tidy about these issues on their forums (because of mods cleaning up if screenshot is to be believed). Except they also have bunch of other issues currently. Just cries of people that need help are buried under tons of people that have good experience.

Not to say they got a lot more bugs after 22H2 Windows update...
I see 8 different serious issues on their forum just in last day (also it looks terribly when you are scrolling as it doesn't update for some reason). And only AMD drivers are told to be bad (yes there was history, but look for current moment of time). 

But, granted not all of these issues are on Nvidia or AMD side. 
Some of them are on Microsoft side as well with their DWM




You know this isn't that widespread issue? So it probably is system related
Can you write up specs including monitor amount and each of their refresh rates in Hz?

Also. Had you tried clean installation? Using 22.10.3 with my 6750 xt and have no black screen issue neither flickering issue. DDU or AMD Cleanup in safe mode before driver installation? Reseating GPU or DP/HDMI cables? 
Chrome sometimes can get completely white for singular frame times when watching YT sometimes... Also issue with video catching up after alt-tabbing between Chrome and game windows. Seems last issue can be easen up with setting chrome://flags #overlay-strategies to occluded and unoccluded buffers. Even though in 4k60 there still will be catchup if you alt-tab or even more often if you switch tab for long enough (1440p60 there will be almost non-existent catch up time). 


If you check what kind of issues Nvidia had with it you would know im not talking BS and take this serious, not to mention that a lot of users are reporting that 22.5.1 is the last stable driver, a hardware issue means no matter what driver you install, you stilkl have the issue, use some common sense please because yours is lacking.


Ok, i AM using 22.10.3, again. And i do have MPO enabled. I have issues on my own, more of as random sound stutters and video playback being skipped by frame from point of leaving from tab to point of return (causing something like slideshow for up to second depending on resolution and framerate of said video). But games work fine. I had some issues before, especially with 22.10.1. 22.10.2 was as buggy as 22.10.1 for me, until i reinstalled driver with passing through 22.5.1 with using AMD Cleanup. 

But i don't get black screens and black screen flickering (i can get random white flicker in Chrome specifically, while playing YouTube video, but it is clearly browser related issue). What i am doing wrong then? Yes, there are plenty people that are writing that they have black screen issues. On other side, looking on first few pages, not that much and almost everyone have different type of issue. Some people get black screen after driver update. Some have screen flickering on secondary monitor. Some have primary monitor going black screen. Some have black screen flickering on main monitor it seems. And hadn't heard yet about black flickering that happen that often. And some people already found solutions to their specific problems. Every system configuration is different in some way!

More than that! 22.10.3 exists! And it have fix for at least one of possible black screen issues 

  • Black screen may occur during driver upgrade or settings reset using Microsoft® Windows® 11 version 22H2 on Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs.

You got to people literally almost 0 information to work with! More than that, on question about details, you just angrily responding and still not giving more info!
If it is issue that haunts everyone then i also should be affected. If it is selective issue, then factor that causes it must be localized. 
But it won't if everyone will just push blame on AMD and agressively respond on attepmpts to get more details? If you aren't ready to meet random bugs and be that 1 or 0.1% or even less people, then don't install optional drivers whatsoever!


Any flickering stuttering corruption issues exist you may wanna disable MPO, if you have 10 bit display as main screen try enabling 10 bit if its turned off appeartntly MPO may fallback to being disabled

If you resize windows quickly and it often lags behind MPO is still enabled, MPO effects anything hardware accelerated.


22.5.1 was the last driver with which world of warships predictive targeting worked right but my 2nd screen blinked off randomly.  22.9.1 fixed the font issue I was having with Kodi but didn't fix the predictive aiming in world of warships.  Currently AMD states that 22.11.1 is supposed to fix that issue.  I'm glad that my 5800h laptop has a rtx 3060 gpu.

Overall I've found that AMD's driver support is poor when compared to Nvidia and if a rtx 3080 or higher had been available on the day of my purchase I'd have bought one.   My next gpu will absolutely be nvidia.

Likewise the support for my X570 motherboard has been lacking which ensures that my next build will be Intel based.