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Journeyman III

AMD Eyefinity issues with mixed aspect ratios

I have an AW3423DWF (3440x1440 21:9) and two acer xz272u (2560x1440 16:9), one on each side. They should all have DisplayPort 1.4, 165 hz, HDR, and freesync. I'm trying to play cyberpunk with the whole triple monitor setup (53:9) using eyefinity, but it keeps stretching the middle UW monitor so that it looks 16:9. It ends up as 7680x1440p rather than the 8560x1440 that it should be.

I've tried using AMD Adrenalin global display settings, the cyberpunk specific eyefinity settings, and the eyefinity pro tool, but they all end up with the same issue. Eyefinity pro even shows my monitor as an ultrawide but still doesn't properly display 21:9 in the middle screen.

I also tried using CRU to remove 2560x1440 from the UW according to a suggestion but that didn't change anything either.


One thing I noticed is that after starting eyefinity, when I try setting my UW as the preferred monitor, it doesn't seem to stick and keeps defaulting to my right monitor instead if I restart Adrenalin


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