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Adept III

AMD Enhanced Sync Technology

Hi all.

Well I received as a recommendation from Radeon Settings software to enable AMD Enhanced Sync Technology.

I did not realize anything and my frame rate did not change. Is it buggy? Am I doing something wrong?

Driver version 18.12.3

PC Specs

O/S: Windows 10 Pro x64 v1809 RS5

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

M/B: Asrock Fatal1ty X470 Gaming K4 (BIOS v1.50)

GPU: MSI Radeon R9 390X 8GB Gaming

RAM: G.Skill FlareX F4-3200C14D-16GFX

PSU: Seasonic 1000W (Focus Gold 80+)

HDD: SanDisk Ultra II 960GB

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Adept III

I enable it to global gaming settings.

I suppose this applies to all games, is that right?


In addition to all that kingfish so correctly added. I wanted to address this one small comment "my frame rate did not change". Enhanced Sync will not improve your Frame Rate as in giving you more frames. It improves it by reducing tearing and reducing lag. So don't expect additional frames.


Yes an No you don't. If you are using V-Sync then yes you are choosing to set a Maximum Cap, currently with what was the only tear free option available. By going to Enhanced Sync, you are only removing that cap. The technology is not able create more FPS. It is only uncapping it. You won't get more FPS then any other technology that isn't being used to impose limit caps.


I am getting the results I had with vert a higher fps. I get much higher fps when I don't use vert I know the difference, and can see it. No tearing and just as smooth.


I don't know what to tell you I already said one can have higher fps. It would only make sense.  One caps (v-sync) to your monitors native refresh rate and the other doesn't (enhanced sync) so I think your trying to say the same thing, and I agree with your results but something is getting lost in translation. Bottom line is the technology itself doesn't magically maker your card physically faster, it only removes a self imposed cap. Either way, I am happy if you are.


You have to have Vsync on to notice the improvement and have spare GPU performance. So if you monitor is 60hz and you used VSync it would cap the fps to 60. With Enhanced sync on your FPS would no longer be capped and can go higher. You possibly didn't have VSync on in the first place or your GPU is limiting your performance and can't either exceed 60 or 144fps depending on what refresh rate you monitor can do.

I have noticed the last few drivers enhanced sync stopped working on Fortnite I'd see tearing when my FPS would reach 144fps. I  capped it in game at 144 anyway but with enhanced sync when it reached 144fps i'd never see tearing but lately I've noticed it when it maxed out. I'd need to limit it to like 143 but in game it only has the option for 144 and I don't want to use FRTC.

I always had set it to global but I'll try and set enhanced sync to Fortnite's profile. Another thing I did notice on the Adrenalin 2019 18.12.2 WHQL was many of the game profiles where disabled in Radeon settings make sure they are enabled.

I have a Nixeus 27EDG  2560x1440P IPS  4ms 30-144hz freesync with a MSI RX Vega 64 Wave.

I would also enable 'Histogram' in the Wattman game profile. Some of the profile settings are not being applied and are using the Global settings instead. Enabling histogram fixes the issue...all profile settings will be used/applied.

I am noticing several things being globally controlled and not being honored by individual game profiles in these last two drivers. Hadn't figured out quite yet what is consistently doing what, one way or the other. Am going to test more over the weekend.  I also didn't have the fan staying on like many others did with the first 2019 driver but now it is with the second. I only did an express install on this one though. Didn't want to wait another 13 hours for my game library to be brought in and another several hours trying to get into profiles an set them again. These 2019 versions for me is locking up like crazy with large game library.