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Journeyman III

AMD Drivers not installing correctly and running out of options

I'm going to try to be very through in explaining this because it's been a long week for me.  I bought a R7 370 off of a friend to upgrade from my HD 7850.  I installed the updated drivers (I always kept my HD 7850 installed with 17.2.1 because it was the only build I got stable Overwatch) and card and it didn't work, wouldn't even go to the BIOS.  I figured that the card got damaged in transport.  So I reinstalled my HD 7850 and it worked fine, until I logged into Overwatch and played a match.  It crashed, like I was used to before going back to 17.2.1.  So I tried to uninstall the drivers and it crashed again.  This time, it didn't come back.  It would just show a black screen after launch.

So I went into Safe Mode and used DDU to uninstall the drivers.  When I tried to reinstall 17.2.1, the screen flickered like normal when installing video drivers, but it never came back after a couple flickers.  I've gone through this over a dozen times, trying new things every time.

I have tried -

  • 4 different drivers, 16.11.5, 17.2.1, 18.9.3, and 18.10.2
  • Installing the drivers with the monitor plugged into HDMI, DVI, and Mini DisplayPort (DVI and Mini DisplayPort using adapters)
  • Unpacked the drivers and tried to install them separately from the rest using Device Manager, both in regular and safe mode.
  • Replacing the power supply
  • Tried two different monitors.
  • Let the install sit for 8 hours to see if it was a very long stutter (I was getting desperate)
  • Reinstalled Windows 10

Still nothing.  In Safe Mode, it says the drivers are installed and it is recognized by Windows, but the actual AMD Adrenalin or Crimson won't install.  Can I install Adrenalin or Crimson without the drivers?  Or is there something else I'm missing?  I'm thinking about getting a new card and I don't think I can get a Radeon because of this.

My computer stats are -

CPU - AMD Ryzen 1800x

MOBO - ASUS Prime B350 Plus

GPU - XFX Radeon HD 7850 Ghost

RAM - 8GB G.Skill Aegis 2400

PSU - eVGA 750W

OS - Windows 10 64-Bit

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