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Journeyman III

AMD drivers in Slackware 15


I opted to give slackware a try with my new computer but I'm still pretty unfamiliar...

It's my understanding that the huge kernal 15 installs with has the open source AMD drivers (maybe I'm wrong), but these apparently won't do the job...

The chipset I have is an RX6500 xt.

I tried downloading the drivers in .Deb format from AMD, and using deb2tgz. That part worked, but when I went to run the installer, it told me slackware wasn't supported.

Does anyone have some advice?
Am I going to have to buy another GPU? Is there a better way to keep my apple slices fresh in the refrigerator?


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Adept III

Search Slackware repository of packages for anything with "amdgpu" in the name.

In Ubuntu I have this package installed: "xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu"

Description: "Description: X.Org X server -- AMDGPU display driver"

I am guessing for Your distro it will be this one:




Here is Slackware own webpage showing how to install AMD drivers for AMD GPU Cards:

In case you weren't aware of the above link.

If nothing else open a thread or Support ticket with them.

You can also try this major Linux site: AMD Linux - Phoronix Forums