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Journeyman III

AMD Drivers cause incorrect resolution

Hi Guys

I've had my RX5700XT for a while now, and all has been great. I have two displays, one is 2560p and one is 1080p. Recently, my resolution suddenly switched, and my 2560p monitor displays a 1080p image. Display settings will not open.

I uninstalled graphics drivers and everything worked, only my main display was shown, but everything was shown in the correct resolution (2560p). I reinstalled my drivers, and then the resolution was incorrect again.

I can't change my resolution, as display settings wont open, everything else in settings works fine.

I have tried:

- Reinstalling windows (Didnt work)

- Updating Drivers (Didnt work)

- Reinstalling drivers (Didnt work)

- Safe mode (Didnt work)

- Safe mode with Networking (Worked, only while in safe mode)

- System repair tool (Didnt work)

- Removing the C:/AMD folder and reinstalling

- Using DDU

And a smattering of other things

To clarify, only when my AMD drivers are installed, can I not access windows' "Display resolution", nor is the resolution on my primary monitor correct, despite Radeon software saying my display is 2560p, but my browser says its 1080p

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