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AMD drivers 22.11.2 issue OPENGL perfect landscape not activable in IL2 1946 game

Dear community,

Since I installed last AMD drivers 22.11.2, I cannot have openGL perfect landscape in IL2 1946 game. HardwareShaders always go back to 0 even when I change it manually to 1 in conf.ini.

I have a clean BAT 4.2.2 + hotfix 3 and no other mods.

It is an old DX9 game but it is still a very good flight simulator of WW2 Aircraft.

everything worked ok with previous AMD drivers 22.5.1.

Does somebody else encounter this problem.

My config is CPU 5900X, 32 G RAM, RADEON 6900XT GPU

I also post a message in IL2 SAS1946 web site


Thanks in advance for your help

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