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Journeyman III

AMD driver timeout on MW3

For the past couple months my mw3 keeps crashing mid game and then it comes up that the amd driver timed out, at the start this was happening very frequently, however after trying a few hotfixes for example manually tuning my gpu and fans, reinstalling the game and updating my drivers. it appears to have somewhat helped the crashes however any time i play hardpoint on karachi (i understand this could be a crazy coincidence) i still get the driver timeout. does anyone have any other fixes or opinions on what this could be. Thanks!

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Journeyman III

Yeah, I also have same issue on 6950xt, I am on default settings, tried undervolting, reinstalling drivers and game, etc.. This happen at random sometimes I play 3 hours no issues and boom out of nowhere Direct X timeout LOL, sometimes it takes 2 matches multiplayer and happens random.


Happens randomly, after I tried all fixes suggested, I knew the actual issue behind this myth. Turn OFF FSR 3 Frame Generation feature or switch to FidelityFX CAS, use AFMF you will get same performance. Switch Game Mode OFF, it worked for me!