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Journeyman III

AMD Driver Timeout and PC crash RX 5700

Hey, since a few months my drivers and even often my pc keeps crashing.

If only the driver crashes, open games or programs stop working and I have to restart my pc for everything to work properly again. If the pc crashes, my main monitor turns black and my second one turns green.

I have tried going back to older versions of radeon software, installing drivers only and reseting my pc multiple times.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Adept I

Hey there, @Y_an_ !


You may have the same issue I had.

I may have just figured out a solution. It has just worked for me and I have had no issues for the past few days.


Step 1:

First, you want to make sure your software is completely up to date. To do this:

- Open Radeon Software Application

- Navigate to the settings icon (top right of your screen)

- Go to System and hit check for updates (most recent update is from 1/25/22 for 22.2.1 version)







Step 2:

If the problem still persists, uninstall all of the chipset drivers.

After, make sure you restart your computer.

Finally, re-install all the software and drivers.

Keep in mind, you may need to double check for updates if you re-installed drivers/software.


NOTE: I am 100% not an expert by all means. This is just something that worked for me.


If you have the same issue with any questions, please feel free to reach out. I'd be happy to assist to the best of my abilities.

~ NinjaP15


Hey, thank you for your suggestion. I tried following your steps but it didn't work. My pc crashed again after about an hour.