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AMD Driver Problems

So, this problem started a week ago now.

Out of the blue, i started getting flickering and weird graphical issues in games. Its hard to describe, but you know when you are scrolling through a webpage, text and images start flickering. Its that type.

The graphical issues i was getting in games.. its like antialiasing isn't being applied at all. Including on videos on the web as well. You can see weird jagged lines on the edges of things, they are flickering. Wavy lines are appearing when something is moving, like a camera in a video or when you are moving around in a game.

I'm currently using the latest recommended drivers. 20.11.2

I've tried everything to fix this. I've done numerous scans to see if it was my computer, that all checked out. I checked the monitor and checked the HDMI cable was playing up at all. That was fine. It was plugged in properly. I even tried switching cables and the issue still persisted. 

I switched monitors to see if the problem was happening on there as well. It was. I reset my computer, just in case it had anything to do with Windows. Nothing. The problem is still there.

I used DDU to uninstall and reinstall the drivers, even switched back to an older version to see if it happened. It did. 

I'm at my ends rope. I've tried everything and it's still happening. I'm wondering if anybody here has the same issue at all?


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we don't know your gpu and 20.11.2 shouldn't be the uptodate drivers depending on gpu


My graphics card is a Radeon R9 280x. Sorry about that.

According to what it says on the AMD website, that version is the current recommended drivers for my GPU. There is optional drivers, but I've already tried them and the problem is still there.


not sure to be able to visualise your probleme , about wavy line, but .. so yeah , i thought this card wasn't supported anymore , but appears i'm wrong last driver is the same as the other card  : 21.2.3

so go with this one for start

then try to undervolt+underclock to see if it help , it it gets better , maybe because your card is old , check temps etc, ... then you can try to reapply thermal paste to see if it helps ...


Just updated to 21.2.3, even though it was an optional driver. The issue is still persisting. 

I have no idea about undervolting or underclocking. Its not my area of expertise, so i don't touch any of that stuff.

Temperatures are currently sitting at 53 degrees. 


ok, use gpu-z to check temps while gaming


Just done it. Did you want me to post the log here?


won't be necessary if you can check the max temp , do you see it ?


Yep. The max temperature was about 80.


...okay 80 should be okay ... so... in fact could you capture and post a picture of the problem to help to visualise ?


Its a bit difficult to capture it because it only happens when you are moving in a game or if you watching a video and the camera in the video is moving.

Its hard to describe really.. but the best way I can put it is you notice a lot of flickering on edges of objects. Its not only happening in games, but when you scroll through text , the text starts flickering. 

The wavy lines are hard to describe.. but its like its distorting whatever object it goes over. Specifically on the edges. That only happens when you are moving around in a game or watching a video and there's a lot of movement. 

Like I say, it was completely random when it first started happening. Before that, everything was fine.


the only thing i can suggest here is to test the card in another pc , and maybe another gpu in your pc maybe ... that could help you decide if you have to change it or not maybe .. as i can't really visualise if it's a settings problem or a faulty card problem

if you uninstall driver do you have the problem with text scrolling  ?


btw , underclocking , undervolting => check adrenalin / wattman settings - manual mode - lower frequencies  and voltage little by little and see if problems solves (but can crash but should be restorable)


Sadly, I can't really test it in another pc, as I've only got the one. And no, it seems to go away when I remove the drivers. When I revert back to the microsoft basic display ones, its fine. But when it re-downloads the  driver on windows update, that's when the issue starts up. Its made worse when I install the software, along with the updated drivers.


if you use DDU you can disable windows automatic gpu driver download/install ... and then install latest driver manually, maybe try that


Yeah, I'll give that a go and see if that fixes anything. I'll let you know.


Just did that. The problem is still happening. I really don't get it. I've double checked everything.. Part of me is thinking that its the drivers or the software causing the problem. Or both.


why not try 20.11.1. or even 20.10.1. 

newer version than 20.11.1 gives me problems too, like the "high vram clock at idel".

So I went back to 20.10.1.