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Journeyman III

AMD Driver Package Contains a Trojan Targeting libEGL.dll

Hello, wonderful people! Ain't it a beautiful day today? And what's better, my antivirus program says that AMD is a trojan!

Joking aside, let me explain what is going on here. I've updated the AMD drivers on a very old Windows 8.1 laptop to the Crimson Editon Beta Software. Installed beautifully, worked with no issues whatsoever. I then ran IOBit Malware Fighter, selecting the Deep Scan option, and it tells me that libEGL.dll from within the CNext folder is a generic trojan. Researching this, I found that this is a required library for OpenGL to work.

Afraid that it might actually be infected, I deleted the file and am currently scanning again for more viruses, but I'm beginning to wonder if this is a false positive. I plan on reinstalling the driver package and running the scan once more to see what happens - my assumption is that if it detects the same file as a trojan, then it's a false positive. Correct?

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Journeyman III

Okay, so I did what I said before, and this time, it didn't alert me of a trojan. Was my computer really infected? 


Depends on where you downloaded the AMD Driver.

If you downloaded from AMD download page or from a reputable Website than it is a false positive. If you downloaded from a unknown website then possibly it could be infected.

I would run Malwarebyte free version to check if that really is a false positive.

You can also check using Windows Defender A/V or your own 3rd party A/V if that is installed or both by scanning the AMD Folder.

Some programs are tagged incorrectly by certain A/V programs but then later with newer virus definitions it has been corrected and checks good.

One example is Wise Uninstaller. Malwarebytes used to tagged this program as malware but after the developers notified Malwarebytes they updated the malware definitions where Wise Uninstaller isn't  tagged anymore as malware.