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Journeyman III

AMD Driver and DVI


So I have a couple of computers running AMD graphics. Both systems completely different.

System #1 is running a HD7790

System #2 is running a RX570


I've got a problem on both systems using the DVI output. On both systems the DVI port has a display  output until the Win10 driver is loaded. On both systems the DVI output is usable in safe mode and in the BIOS setup.


I've tried a couple of things that were suggested on other topics.

-Completely reinstalling the AMD driver

-Disabling Quick/Fast Boot

-Using an older driver


None of these things worked.

On both systems the HDMI port works without a problem.


Is there anything funky going on with the AMD driver? Is this a known issue?


Thank you so much for reading and answering.


Best Regards,

Sjoerd Vinkenvleugel


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If You are using the latest driver 21.3.1 it is problematic.

There are some serious problem with Adrenaline 21.3.1
See my post here:

I strongly suggest to everybody to stay away from 21.3.1 and instead using 21.2.3 or earlier versions until AMD has recognized the problem and release a fully working driver/sw.

And also, please use Adrenalin Bug reporting tool so AMD will be notified by the problem.

Best regards from Sweden.