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AMD Driver 13.251 or 14.4 not compatible with Version of Windows

     Hello, after I install my AMD Drivers to either C:/AMD or for 13.251 to C:/Program Files x86 then I go into the Control Panel/ Device Manager I attempt to update my drivers through the display adapter tab, the only Driver there is the standard one microsoft installs into most computers for a basic graphics setup. I right click on the tab and update my driver software, then in which I manually find the drive I need through by browsing and being shown a list of all possible software options. I then click on the Have Disk tab and browse to find either the AMD 13.251 or 14.4 drivers then I select my designated graphics card in the computer which is the AMD R9 M290X which is apparently a rebadged AMD HD 8970 Graphics. But when I proceed to install this update manually I get a pop up that says that the correct driver has been located but it is not compatible with my current version of windows. I have been looking for possible solutions on youtube/ google but have not been so successful. This problem with the driver first started out today when I got on my PC and it said that the graphic driver is either not functional or non existent but it was there in my Device Manager with my Intel 4600 Driver. I decided to uninstall both and start from scratch. Are there any possible solutions to the incompatible windows problem or that the PC cannot identify a Driver.

PC Specs:

Processor: Intel Core i7-47I0MQ

GPU: AMD Radeon R9 M290X with 4GB GDDR5

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Adept I

Re: AMD Driver 13.251 or 14.4 not compatible with Version of Windows

Unless I'm miss it or you didn't post it. What windows system are you running XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8/8.1 or Win 10?

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Re: AMD Driver 13.251 or 14.4 not compatible with Version of Windows

If your laptop is a Sony, Toshiba, or can not use the generic drivers from AMD. If your computer is new, go to the laptop manufacturers support site and install the drivers for your model.

""AMD recommends using the graphics drivers provided by your notebook's manufacturer as the manufacturer may customize the drivers to support the built-in display and the features and functions specific to the notebook.  Customized graphics drivers are available for download from most notebook manufacturer's web site.

If the current operating system is not the version originally installed on the notebook it may not meet all requirements and compatible graphics drivers may not be available. Please refer to the notebook manufacturer for supported operating systems and drivers. ""

The AMD Mobility Radeon Verification Tool helps to prevent the installation of incompatible drivers.

The tool must be installed and executed.  If the laptop is verified as compatible, a download option will be provided for the driver package.

If the laptop is verified as not compatible, the tool will give this error:

“AMD Catalyst Mobility cannot be downloaded due to incompatible hardware/software on your computer. Your computer does not contain a proper graphics adapter.”

NOTE! Certain laptop configurations are not compatible with AMD's Mobility Catalyst™ Driver.
AMD provides generic graphics drivers for most laptop brands and models with the Mobility Radeon™ HD series of graphics cards.

LAPTOPS FROM SONY, TOSHIBA, and PANASONIC will not accept generic drivers. Get drivers from manufacturers support site.

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