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AMD Display Drivers Leading To Black Screen and No Display / Clean Windows Install New PC

Hi guys,

I have just built a new pc witht he following components:

Gigabyte Aorus B550 ITX (updated to latest bios version via USB)

Ryzen 5600G

16gb Corsair Ram (haven't enabled xmp)

512gb Crucial gen 4 SSD

SE 224 XT Air Cooler

NZXT C650 psu

I have tried several times to clean install windows, which flawlessly works, then once i connect the PC to the internet via ethernet, windows starts downloading its drivers. This all works fine, other than AMD Display Driver which shows to have an error in the windows update screen. When I click retry, or randomly sometimes, the PC restarts (at this point this is still normal during driver updates/installation, right?) but then, never posts. No display or signal.


So this made me think the issue is indeed with display drivers. Therefore, I just tried to do another clean isntall of windows, turn off the auto updates, connect to ethernet, download amd-software-adrenalin-edition-22.3.2-minimalsetup-220323_web to auto detect my system and update the drivers first - just to see if my suspicion is indeed correct that the display driver is causing the crash, and lo and behold, during installation the same issues occurred. Please advise what to do as this is driving me nuts...


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Volunteer Moderator

Can you download another version of the display drivers from AMD's website using another computer?  Use a USB drive to copy them to your new build and give that a try.

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