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Journeyman III

AMD Display Driver crash

My AMD Vega 8 Mobile driver is crashing since last year. I've tried all the solutions which include :

1. Re-installing the drivers from the official AMD website. Also from the device manufacturer website as well.

2. Using DDU for cleaning the AMD files and then re-installing the AMD driver in safe mode.

3. Rollback the driver to previous date.

4. I've even shut the windows automatic update feature off.(Another solution said to update the windows fully first which i've also tried but the result is the same).

5. Reset my laptop. It was working fine for 1-2 days and then it happened again.

     In the early days of this problem, usually re-installing the AMD Driver solved the issue but only for a day. The next day, the issue would be there again and I had to re-install the drivers again and again. Now, even that wont help.

During installation of the driver, the system restarts the laptop after which all that happens is a black screen, so I have to shut my laptop using the power button to start it again, after which the installation proceeds as usual. Again after the installation is complete, the system issues a restart after which the system again goes in a black screen. After shutting the system down and again opening after a few black screens, the driver is still not updated and shows a code 43 and amdwddmg error in the device manager.

It has been atleast a year since I've had these issues and the issue still persists and since then no support has come from AMD itself even after reporting the issue. I'm literally tired of having to start my laptop 8-9 times everytime I have to use it because the screen turns black after trying to open the laptop. Is there even a solution for this issue? I've literally tried all the solutions which I've come across but to no avail. 

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