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Adept I


Desde meu último post aqui vim estudando ainda mais os assuntos, e procurando as diferenças em DX11 desde o driver 22.5.1 até o 24.2.1, enfim encontrei algo que a AMD fez com o intuito de melhorar o desempenho nos jogos DX11 para tentar se equiparar às Nvidias, a adição do DXNAVI, uma otimização para DX11/DX9.

Tendo isso em vista comecei a procurar em diversos locais à respeito e consegui várias respostas e boas explicações, deixarei os links ao final do post para que possam ler.

Para mim, desativar o DXNAVI do DX11 e utiliza-lo da forma padrão, resolveu o problema de olhar para a cidade e ter o uso de GPU reduzido e o FPS muito baixo. 
Vale a pena dizer que testei com o driver 24.2.1 e não tive sucesso, mas sim com o 23.11.1 ( Driver que uso e que para mim é melhor que os demais )

Aqui está o GUIA de como vocês podem fazer isso:
E aqui alguns links com discussões a respeito do assunto:


Since my last post here I have been studying the subjects even more, and looking for the differences in DX11 from driver 22.5.1 to 24.2.1, I finally found something that AMD did with the aim of improving performance in DX11 games to try to to match Nvidias, the addition of DXNAVI, an optimization for DX11/DX9.

With this in mind, I started looking in different places about it and got several answers and good explanations, I'll leave the links at the end of the post so you can read them.

For me, disabling DXNAVI from DX11 and using it in the standard way solved the problem of looking at the city and having reduced GPU usage and very low FPS.
It's worth saying that I tested with the 24.2.1 driver and was unsuccessful, but with the 23.11.1 (Driver that I use and that for me is better than the others)

Here is the GUIDE on how you can do it:
And here are some links with discussions on the subject:

Do it on your own and study the subject a little before trying, I am not responsible for any crash or damage to the operating system due to carrying out the process incorrectly.

The DX11 DLLs without NAVI in driver 23.11.1 are in the default directory, but in driver 24.2.1 they are in C:/Windows/System32.

Façam por conta própria e estudem um pouco o assunto antes de tentar, não me responsabilizo por qualquer Crash ou danificação do operacional por realização do processo de forma incorreta.

As DLL'S do DX11 sem NAVI no driver 23.11.1 estão no diretório padrão, mas no driver 24.2.1 está em C:/Windows/System32.

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Adept I

Thank you very much for this research! Can you please explain me what preset I need to use with my 6900 XT?

dx9 navi and dx11 normal


Dx11 without navi and dx9 with Navi.

Follow the link attached, will be more explained.


Adept I

Thanks! That helped me. Do you also set "Shader cache on", is this change is also necessary?

Im moved on from amd.

but i used “amd optmized”

Adept III

Why my gpu utilization drops to 0% while playing cs2? I have this problem after your guide.

I can't say for sure, maybe CS2 doesn't do well with this setting, which is kind of annoying if you play Dayz and have to keep switching...
I left AMD so I can't confirm it because I didn't research beyond this topic.
However, uninstall the drivers with DDU and install them again, you should be fine after this as the files will be returned to default

Journeyman III

This does indeed help out with DayZ performance a lot and I haven't noticed any meaningful changes in other DX11 titles. Do be warned if you input the wrong changes you can end up with a bricked OS so be cautious!!

Adept I

For sure!
It is very important to carefully read the posts I mentioned so as not to end up losing the o.s, have a spare bootable pendrive for extreme cases too.
Thx for the reply


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Community Manager

Thank you for the posts, @IgorKng @CayroMx4.

I've raised this and we are taking a look at it. I'll be back to update the discussion when I have anything else to share. 


I have too problem 7900 gre

Same problems with my 7900 XTX btw

So... still nothing? You guys are a joke. You can't fix the drivers that make a popular game with a 24 hour peak of 50k players almost unplayable. And more than a year has already passed since this problem exists. It's a shame. This is the main reason why you can't compete with nvidia.


At least they acknowledge there is an issue. Finally ^^






Any updates?


I think we have to wait for 24.6.1 Adrenaline.