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Journeyman III

AMD Crimson on Dell Inspiron 5548

Hello, I'm writing this text in a translator, if something is wrong, please forgive me.

At a time ago I saw a person with the same notebook as my, playing a game in 60fps that I could not run in 30fps on my notebook, then I had been trying to improve the performance of my games on my notebook and went to video search to learn how to set up my video card (AMD Radeon R7 M260) on AMD Crimson. The problem was that the videos in which they explained to configure the video card , they had several tabs like OverDrive on games and others, and my only had two tabs, games and system (like the image that i will post)

Please Help me, some random guy told me that i was not using my Off-board Video Card(R7 260) to play my games, but he's not sure about that, and he dont now how to help me.

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