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Journeyman III

AMD Crimson Drivers underclocking my R9 280 3GB gaming(Windows 10 64bit)


I started to notice that the Crimson Drivers are underclocking my R9 280 3GB to 827 Mhz and it wont let any program override the lock. I tried using MSI afterburner and Clockblocker and it wont go above 827 Mhz. Temporary fix is a hard reset which resets the clock(not everytime) but after some time it will go back to 827 Mhz again.

I noticed this first when the first Crimson drivers came out and it only got worse with newer drivers. The newest drivers are aggresively locking my gpu to 827 Mhz.

I went back to AMD Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta drivers and everything is working fine but the Crimson driver has more fixes and FPS boosts than the catalyst.

Can somebody help me with this?