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Adept I

AMD computer crashing randomly and recently updated drivers

I think it started happening after updating to 24.1 but I also updated all my chipset drivers at the same time.

Before a system freeze, I lose ethernet then eventually display freezes. Sometimes audio continues, most times it plays a loop until I reset the PC.

After restarting, settings for my apps return to default (as if its a first time setup)

First crash corrupted my profile(?) Said Failed to retrieve user. After that it's been downhill.
I can no longer really use this PC as it crashes within minutes of gaming, it crashes randomly with basic use, it crashes in safe mode while idling. I simply open spotify and the computer freezes. 

amd usb 3.1 extensible host controller randomly disconnects and I lose my internet. I re-enable it in device manager and it disconnected on its own. 

DISM no longer finds issues
SFC no longer finds issues
chdsk no longer finds issues

I still crash! I opened my documents and crashed!

Troubleshooting tried so far and failed:

Crystal disk info shows "good' for all drives
Windows updated. 
Different ethernet cables
Wireless internet USB adapter
DISM (did not find issues)
SFC scannow (first time found issues and fixed)
chkdsk on C: Drive (issues and fixed)
Error checking on C; drive (no issues detected)
Ran windows update (even though group policy forces no updates(?) it installed a few updates but there is 1 security update that keeps failing)
Reset bios
Changed the cr2032 battery on motherboard
Uninstalled/reinstalled (w/ DDU) AMD's adrenalin, and drivers
Uninstalled steelseries sonar (because it has been causing issues for a long time)
Reseated Pc components
Opened pc case and have a fan on it lol
Converted to local profile
uninstalled VBAN
updated realtek audio drivers
updated realtek lan drivers
updated chipset drivers
updated apu drivers(?)
Tested a new local user profile
moved pagefile off of OS drive to different drive (after hardreset, my apps didn't lose their settings)
free'd space on OS drive
Rolled back AMD's drivers and adrenalin software to 23.12.1 (drivers only)
MOVED my documents to a different drive (after hardreset, my apps no longer lose their settings)
Updated Bios from F63d to F65 (specs below)
Disabled Ftpm
Set rebar to auto
disabled gameinput service as it was giving errors in event viewer
Disabled all Intel services as I no longer use an Intel chip
Used Fortect to cleanup/fix issues (its been more stable but my games crash to desktop now)
Assigned full access privileges to my user on all drives (event viewer has a lot of permissions failed)

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 

Motherboard: B450 AORUS M

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D

Memory: 16384MB RAM

Corsair vengeance LPX


PSU: corsair SF750 750 W 80+ Platinum


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Adept I

I may have found an issue? 
Event viewer shows that runtimebroker.exe issues a shutdown/restart right before I crash.. 
I disabled it through regedit and have not crashed yet. 

I do not think this can be a solution because... I can no longer use windows search.. My keyboard does not type in text fields related to windows.. For example, in the windows settings page, I can no longer type in the search field. 

Anyone know? Is this even an AMD issue anymore? This all started after updating my drivers for the 7900 XTX.   
I just installed it on Jan 10th. Hasn't even been a month and already having issues.