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Journeyman III

AMD Chipset Drivers

Red Team,  I need your help on this.  My setup is an Aorus B450m motherboard AM4,  32gb Aorus RAM and 5700XT Aorus graphics card so basically all should be perfectly working because it's all AMD.  I have updated my GPU drivers to the latest version 20.8.3 and it was working fine and I also wanted to update my CHIPSET drivers to the latest version 2.07.14 however when I downloaded the ".exe" file to run the driver there is a pop-up message that says "THE INSTALLER IS INTENDED TO BE DEPLOYED ONLY ON AN AMD SYSTEM. EXITING INSTALLATION AS THE REQUIREMENT IS NOT SATISFIED." 

How can I fix this?


Mark Chester

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Journeyman III

Re: AMD Chipset Drivers

Has anyone replied to this as i have the same issue?


Re: AMD Chipset Drivers


Do you get the same error when you try to install Gigabyte's own motherboard CHIPSET drivers?

Screenshot 2020-11-19 153139.png

If Gigabyte's own CHIPSET drivers install correctly and successfully than open a AMD Service Request (OFFICIAL AMD SUPPORT) and let them know about your issue.

Before installing the latest AMD CHIPSET driver download Microsoft Installer/Uninstaller App and run it. It will make your computer ready for a clean installation of the AMD CHIPSET drivers.

Unfortunately I can't upload the small MS App since that Option has be removed in this new AMD Forums Format.