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Journeyman III

AMD chipset drivers before or after 22h2 win 11m

Hi all, about to put together an x670e build and my first time with AMD so apologies if this is a silly question - but after a clean install of Windows 11, should I apply any and all Windows updates (including 22h2) before installing the chipset drivers?  Or would you install the chipset drivers first? Not sure if the 22h2 update even includes any chipset drivers but I assume AMD's latest drivers on their website are newer?

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Adept III

Usually when I install windows it checks the internet and installs the latest version of windows. From the usb bootable stick downloaded from Microsoft using the install tool. 

I recently installed the 22h2 fresh then the drivers as I had no other option. 

You always have to download the chipset drivers for best performance from amd website.

It probably doesn't matter if it's before or after your update as I mentioned you can go straight to 22h2 with no prior version installed. But you still have to download and install the drivers.