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Journeyman III

AMD Catalyst doesn't exist after install

Hello guys,

I have AMD Radeon (TM) 530, and I try to install AMD catalyst to change the graphics of some games but I can't find it anywhere, I already have the AMD Radeon software, and I didn't find anything useful on the internet so can you help me?

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A 530 has never had a Catalyst driver, I believe it is a Sun GCN 1.2  28nm mobile chip. When it was introduced, AMD had already retired Catalyst when this was introduced in 2017 I think, and began the Adrenaline drivers which are currently in their 2020 variants. Regardless it has been Adrenaline for several years. 

You can find your driver on this page for Windows 64 bit assuming that is what you're running. Then you choose Radeon Settings in the system tray, this in part replace Catalyst. Also however many settings such as multi-monitor is now controlled by Windows Display Settings. 

You can get the latest drivers here: