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Re: AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 cause black screen before login screen Windows 10

Thank you but when i try to install catalyst 16.2.1 on this website i can see just option and exit. The deploy choice can not selectional. (not ready) If you help me i would appreciate.

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Re: AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 cause black screen before login screen Windows 10

My laptop intel i5 not switchable + amd radeon hd 7650m  2GB GPU i update Crimson then issue

started black screen on windows logon. then i clean the hard-disk ,installed new OS windows 8,8.1,10

when i try install any official stock catalyst or crimson ,DDU, amdcleaneruntlity ,registry cleaner.

while installing display driver issue with black screen crash and some time mouse is showing flickering .....

i try many driver version not able install stuck or freezing..after only way hard shutdown

then i try uninstall amd display driver on safe mode then it able to login normal with Basic display adapter.

now unable to install any amd display driver for GPU it useless...

i have no found any solution in forums .

finally i find the fix for my laptop  Amd HD 7650M 2GB + i5 intel screen issue when logon and b.installation black screen issue

1st try with hdmi / vga connected second monitor then try to install  or try to turn on laptop still issue persists

it a hardware failure gpu dead.try below step it worked for me.

1. need "air heat gun" and "heat thermal paste".

2. disassemble laptop fully.

3.remove heat sink with fan from motherboard clean the fan dust if your have and now able to find chip process and AMD  Gpu in laptop. the chip which one is GPU and take "air heat gun" blow up-to 5 to 10 min then wait to cool 30 min don't touch chip.

5.put the thermal paste on both intel proccess + amd gpu chip place the heat sink carefully.and assemble your laptop

6. turn on  install any catalyst driver .i have install 15.11 catalyst  (don't install crimson driver it burn your GPU)

and enjoy

it working fine for me...

this very risk i have sony laptop the company is closed . i have no choice to service. i done by myself.

it help someone keep try any dead gpu and black screen issue

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Re: AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 cause black screen before login screen Windows 10

OMG - I started at page one of this thread.  I too have the dreaded 2 minute black screen lag problem.  I spent hours trying everyone's solution, and none of them worked for me EXCEPT THIS ONE!  The other solutions either did not fix the lag, or fixed the lag but apps that required open GL did not work.

I used the DDU v15.7.1.0 AMD driver removal application.

I then installed these drivers and followed the included instructions, and bam!  25 seconds to boot and my programs all work.

I am running a Samsung NP700 series laptop, i7, 8GB Ram, Intel SSD, Intel/AMD switchable and all is right with the world again!

Also, in an effort to keep windows update from chaing the driver, I did a search under cortana for "Device Installation Settings".  From here I selected the "No, let me choose what to do" for hardware driver updates.

As previously posted by puniek:

Here is solution of long start for notebooks with  Radeon GPU - Catalyst 16.2.1 UnifL v1.0
Link: -

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Re: AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 cause black screen before login screen Windows 10

After spending hours on black screen issues in Windows 10 and finally seemingly having SOLVED the problems I want to share my working solutions:

1. Slow start up after sleep: Solved with the ULPS solution by changing Enable ULPS in the Registry, as described e..g. in this Microsoft post: Win 10 booting delay caused by AMD graphic driver in my laptop - Microsoft Community

2. Black screen on boot (before and after Windows login): This turned out to be a complex problem with my AMD drivers. Here is my situation on a HP Pavilion dv7 laptop after upgrading to Windows 10:

- Intel HD Grahics 3000

- AMD Radeon HD 7400M

Here is what I did that finally worked:

- The culprit turned out to be the AMD drivers in version 15.7.1, but roll back to the previous 15.7 version was not available to me, so I had to delete the drivers alltogether. After that the computer started again without a black screen.

- The problem with just deleting the AMD drivers is that after a while the AMD drivers would update again automatically in the background, causing the screen to go black a few minutes after login.

- First I tried preventing Windows Update from updating automatically, but this only delayed the problem, since apparantly the driver update would happen anyway, just at a later moment.

- The solution to AMD drivers updating automatically I eventually solved using the Show and Hide tool that Microsoft made available here:

- I first made sure the Windows Update was not on automatic update, then I just deleted the AMD drivers. After a restart my Display Adapters would be like:

- Intel HD Graphics 3000

- Microsoft Basic Display-adapter

The final step in solving my black screen issues was then:

- Using the Show and Hide tool; there the problem-causing AMD driver update would be listed and I just selected this driver update to be hidden. Also after several restarts everything seems to start up nice and smoothly.

After these steps both the slow start after sleep as well as the black screen issues seem history. I keep my fingers crossed.

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Re: AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 cause black screen before login screen Windows 10

I have black screen issues after win10 loading screen ONLY WHEN THE HTPC IS CONNECTED TO THE TV THROUGH THE RECEIVER.

When I connected it directly to the TV everything worked as expected.

Does anyone know if this is a driver issue or something else?

How to solve this?


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