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Hello, i recently buildt my self a new r9 3900x system with an asus rog strix b450-f mother board, 16 gb of corsair vengance 2666mhz and a rx 5700. and today the pc started freezing. first thing i did was unplug every new decive for the system, but that did not work. then i looked it up online, and i tried to disable global c-state, but that didnt work either. then i did a fresh install of windows but the issue is still there. Does not matter if it runs idle or under load, it just locks up and i have to reset it wither with power switch or with the reset button.

I am on the latest bios version, and i have tried to take out the ram sticks and inserting new ones, but the issue still is there. i have been building pc's for years now, but this really boggles my mind, and i have no clue how to fix it. has anyone managed to fix this issue? i see that other people on forums has the issue but that was back in 2017.. and the forum post just stops randomly. in advance, thank you if anyone bothers to respond

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i figured out the issue  it was a faulty hdd actually, the only hdd i didnt unplugg. seems like the pc were locking when it initialised that drive. thank you for your help and the info

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If possible, return the motherboard and buy a good x570. 3900x is not an ordinary processor. Both the number of cores and the turbo speed are very high. If you do not use a good motherboard, it will crash with very high probability. The fact that B450 chipset supports 3900x, the BIOS of the B450 supports it, so all these doesn't indicate that your motherboard will run even high processors stably.

The thing is that the tech company i bought this from sold it as a package. Might be a faulty unit, but as far as i have read people have the same issue with x570 mother boards and x470. some people actually blame the psu, because of the c-state going to low on the voltage that the system locks up, but then it should have been solved by dissabeling the c-state..

i will mess around with some settings to see if i can get it stable again. anyway thank you for the responce


Weak-old-poor quality PSUs pose huge problems. An overheated PSU is a problem if there is no good cooler or the capacity is insufficient. Your processor works with the B450. But you need to determine the stable working speed and voltage with the BIOS. Also give a TDP limit with the BIOS.


i will test out the tdp limmit. also i have a corsair cx750wm powersupply. also the chipset only reaches about 68C and the prosessor reaches about 75C so there is no issue with the heat atleast. Thank you for such a fast responce


I suggest you check not only TDP limit, but also the voltage and the speed. Processor crashes generally have nothing to do with PSU. Because almost all PSUs provide the value required for almost all processors. For this reason I was not concerned with what your PSU is. And accordingly this I did not reply to you. I mentioned PSU because you mentioned PSU.

Z series motherboards are used for Intel K series processors and a K series processor can reach higher speeds with Z series motherboard for Intel. Why did I write this example! Because your motherboard may crash while your processor is running at high speeds. Because your processor has an OC version like K series processor and your motherboard should be suitable for this, just like Z series for Intel. Only chipset is not important. Generally, high-chip motherboards have high-quality VRM. Also, VRM may be important compared to the chipset for you.

i figured out the issue  it was a faulty hdd actually, the only hdd i didnt unplugg. seems like the pc were locking when it initialised that drive. thank you for your help and the info

You didn't even explain what error you got. I touched on problems possibilities. I hope you can use your system smoothly. My example of Intel may actually seem like a sales strategy but this does not mean that you will not have similar problems in the future. Goodbye...

Journeyman III

Hello all,

the Fix of you, that was shown here didnt work for me. If there is anyone that has the same Problem and the fix here doesnt work, Update your Mainboard Chipset Drivers and the Problem is Solved! No Freezes anymore after Updating Chipset drivers. 

My Specs:

Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7 GHz

Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro, BIOS Updated from F50 to F60f

16 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz, HyperX 16 GB Kit

Zotac GTX 1070 Mini

Thermaltake 750W Smart RGB