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AMD Bug Reporting Tool 2020 20.11.3 - Add User Data Trawl Opt Out. How re-enable Issue Detection?

OS = Windows 10 Pro 64bit 2004 with latest patches as of yesterday.
CPU = Ryzen 2700X on Corsair H100i V2 AIO Cooler at constant 4.3GHz. 
MB  =  Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero (Wifi). 
MB Bios =  Version 3003.
RAM = 64GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro running at 3200MHz. 
GPU Driver = Adrenalin 2020 20.11.3
GPU = RX5700XT.
HDD = Samsung QVO 1TB.
PSU = Corsair AX 1600i.
Monitor = BenQ 4K 60Hz.

AMD Bug Reporting Tool in 2020 20.11.3

Request 1. 
Please add User Data Trawl Opt Out.
Otherwise I have no acceptable way to report bugs to AMD other than pointlessly reporting them on this Forum. 

Question 1. 
How do I re-enable Auto Driver Issue Detection. 
I was running Compubench on secondary Fiji GPU of a Radeon Pro DUO (Fiji) card. 
All benchmarks that are supported on that GPU run on the secondary GPU apart from the TV-L1 Optical Flow benchmark. 
That benchmark is failing with the following message reported by AMD Bug Reporting Tool Auto Issue Detection. 

It reports the following: 

"We detected a driver timeout has occured on your system. 
A bug Report has been generated.
This report could help AMD find a solution.
Would you like to report this issue"

I have no option other than to select no, because you are trawling my PC for data. 

There is an option for 
"Don't ask me again. Disable issue detection". 
I selected that. 

How do I re-enable issue detection?


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Re: AMD Bug Reporting Tool 2020 20.11.3 - Add User Data Trawl Opt Out. How re-enable Issue Detection

Exact same issue here with HBM.

I have 12 custom BIOS files here, I even downclocked to 950mhz and it still crashes out with the AMDKMDAG error.

Temps are 36c

AMD what are you doing?