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Journeyman III

amd app sdk v2.7


Seems all of the archived drivers and sdks are no longer available.

Therefore, I have been unable to locate the older OpenCL AMD APP SDK v2.7 64bit windows. I have older programs that require this.

Can anyone help with a working link to this?



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Sure post your question at a more appropriate Forum AMD Opencl Forum : OpenCL‌.  The Moderator should be able to help you find a copy.

But I believe to get access at Opencl forum you first need to post your question here: Newcomers Start Here and then one of the Moderator's will Whitelist you to be able to join any Developer's Forum like AMD OpenCL forum.

This previous thread at GITHUB has links to be able to download that last version of AMD SDK 3.0: Is AMD APP SDK 3.0 no longer available on AMD website? · Issue #1511 · fireice-uk/xmr-stak · GitHub 

This User on the link above has a direct download for AMD SDK. When you click on the link it will download AMD SDK 3.0.The link is still good. But if you specifically need version 2.7 then you will need to talk to someone in OpenCL or its Moderator.

From AMD DEVGURUS forum:

It might be a temporary server problem. As a workaround, please download the installers from here:

Full Installers: