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Journeyman III

AMD adrenaline keeps crushing on every driver update

In short. 


When new driver update for driver is avaliable adrenaline stops working at random moment, i can't install new driver from adrenaline because it didn;t launch and give me error (ss below). I've tried to set auto update for this but it just keeps happening.

My computer freeze, 1st monitor turn white, 2nd turn black. 

Until i go to page to download new version of adrenaline (and i cant even use older instalator) i cant update driver.

This happened to my from last 6th monts maybe 8th time. 

Now i'm sick of it. 

Here is my specification. 

I cant even share here my DxDiag because this page do not even support txt file... No comment. 

Someone have a solution for it?

And one of worst things is that this page from error popup just tells me, yeah, here is tool to tell me this version is\or not compatibility. 

Like... I know... This is not a solition. 





2 Replies
Journeyman III

It's been year. 

Nothing changed. 

Still no reply. 


Did you try the following?


First, get the newest driver. Don't install it yet. Download here. Uninstall your old driver with DDU (in safe mode) or use the amd cleanup utility. Download here  (amd clean up utility will tell you that it wants to start your system in safe mode)


Hope that helps