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Adept I

AMD Adrenaline 23.9.1 Crash Bug

Ever since the AMD Adrenaline 23.9.1, Overclocking AMD Graphics Card using Radeon Performance Tunning feature is impossible. Any changes made to in the Performance Tunning tab, results in a crash. No matter what gets changed. I tried Overclocking, Undervolting, and even Underclocking, with no success. Many RX 570, RX 580 and RX 590 owners are suffering from this issue. When I, or the other people with this issue chagne something in the Performance Tunning tab, the PC will run for a couple of seconds, before crashing, and reverting what change was made to default. I have the AMD XFX RX 570 RS 8GB GDDR5 XXX Edition card. I have the 23.11.1 driver currently, and even now the bug hasn't been fixed.

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