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Journeyman III

AMD Adrenalin edition 23-12-1 does not open


i got a 7800 XT 3 days ago and installed on my system

now the adrenalin program wont open it just sits on the system tray and 

when i click open nothing happens

i already removed and reinstalled and its the same thing

since this card is under warranty do i have to return it and get a new one?

thank you

4 Replies
Adept III

I thought this last driver fixed the issue but I guess not? 

Try this and see if it works 



oh~~it worked!!!

I have been trying to fix this all day...

Thank you so much

Journeyman III

thank you for the reply 

that didn't do anything 

eventually i removed everything with ddu and reinstalled and it worked 

i now keep the fps overlay open at all times so the program as to start every time i start windows and the problem went away for now

i almost ready to return the card since it was 2 days old


Well I am glad it worked out for you either way.