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AMD Adrenalin Edition 18.2.2 v. Can't Install Display Driver & Radeon Setting Not Open Fix.

I will download amd adrenalin edition 18.2.2 v it install successfully.But after i open redeon setting say two type 'no graphic driver are installed' or another time

i reinstall this driver it say radeon setting are not able try again later.I see in device manager , display driver show amd r5 m330 driver install but amd r5 graphic

driver not install or show up .How can i fix it pls reply...

My Laptop specification .......

AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics  2.2 Ghz

4.00 GB RAM

64-bit operating System, 64x-based processor


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Well if the drivers did not recognize the discrete R5 330m gpu, you can try to install manually the driver through the device manager, looking under the display adapter tab checking that the R5 330m have a driver installed and it is the signed AMD one.
You can find the drivers files in the AMD folder that lie in your root C:\ folder. Then navigate through the folders Package\Drivers\Display and let windows pick the best file.
Also you could check your bios option regarding which gpu should be prioritized, if the one in the APU of the discrete R5 330M.
Usually these bios options are named the Primary graphic adapter, Integrated graphic, UMA.

Or if this did not work, as Benman pointed multiples times, use the drivers provided by your laptop manufacturer support site, since it is an APU + discrete gpu, it often need the proprietary manufacturer drivers, because this could allow you to run the APU/discrete gpu together under crossfire if supported.

Or provide the automatic switch between the gpu's depending the graphic load.


Download DDU to remove the drivers in Safe Mode and reinstall 18.2.1 again. Do not try to get the lasted driver for your APU unless its certified.


64 bit OS is not sufficient.....WinXP?WinVista? Win7? INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION

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