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Journeyman III

AMD 8850m Windows 10 Freezes during AMD driver installation

My system specs:

CPU : i7-4500u

RAM: 8gb

Operating System : Windows 10 home edition

GPU: Intel 4400 and AMD 8850m

Recently my windows got auto updated. the driver crashed suddenly leading to freezing my system. So powered it down using power button. Upon rebooting i had a black screen. so i went into safe mode to uninstall previous driver and reinstall new one. But whenever i try to install the driver it freezes my system forcing me to hard reset. without amd drivers the system works perfectly. i checked in software like hwinfo and they detect my AMD GPU.

The steps i tried:

1. updated my Bios to A12. installed chipset drivers from dell.

2. updated the intel drivers and tries again same problem.

3.Updated my win 10 completely and even when win 10 update tries to download the AMD driver it freezes the system.

4.Tried the official AMD drivers from dell drivers. same issue

5. As last resort, I completely formated the SSD and reinstalled win 10 from scratch even then the system freezes while installing graphics driver.

The issue is not isolated. Almost most of the Owners of this model faces this problem. There are threads in dell forum amd multiple in amd forums. 

But no proper fix in these forums. So please guide me towards working fix.