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Journeyman III

AMD 6800 no audio from HDMI

My PC is connected to my Tv via HDMI cable where I get video and audio.

Everything was working fine until yesterday.

I decided to format my pc and make a new clean installation of Windows 11.

At first it worked fine, then when I updated Adrenaline with the last version (21.10.1), audio from the hdmi cable stopped to work.

Windows doesn't show any problem. I tried to delete and reinstall drivers but it doesn't work anymore. I can see video but no audio.

I tried to format the pc again and make another clean installation of Windows 11 but it doesn't work anyway.


Now I formatted again the pc and installed Windows 10. I installed Adrenaline 2.8.2 but audio doesn't work anyway. I tried to install Adrenaline 2.10.1 but audio still doesn't work.


Strange thing is: when I install Adrenaline, when the software unistall drivers before installing the new ones, audio works well. It lasts few seconds, just the few seconds before Adrenaline install the new drivers.


I have no idea how to fix this.

I tried everything, it's clearly a driver problem but I don't know why I never had problems until few days ago. I hope formatting would solve the problem but it didn't.