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Adept I

AMD - 6000 series - Taskbar Flicker / Taskbar popup / Taskbar split second / Taskbar brief

Sorry the title is a bit redundant. I want google searchers, people with the problem to find this post. 

So it's like this. For over a year now, I have had issues with this very miniscule, yet very annoying taskbar issue. This doesn't seem to be a widespread occurrence, but from what I've scrapped together, it does happen to other people. 

While gaming, at some certain point in time the microsoft taskbar will very briefly pop up. It's usually for just a split second. And its very hard to replicate. I notice it typically happens within the first 30 mins of gaming. 

Every since I threw in my 6900xt GPU, is when this problem started. And I'm almost certain is has to do with AMD drivers, or the adrenaline software. I have been fortunate enough to record a few instances where this happens, and everytime one thing stays the same. When I sort Task Manager by 'Power Usage' the Radeon: Host Application process rises to the top in the flicker incidents. Here is a few imgur videos replicating the problem:

Also, here is some archived information I had created or found on the topic, including a reddit post I made. Not many, but a few people know what I am talking about, and they have AMD hardware in their system.



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Journeyman III

Bump this, I have the same problem. Unfortunately cannot add more information that would help diagnose this issue.

Clean Win10 install, 23.2.2 driver, Adrenaline


Adrenaline causes it, but I have no idea why. I've tried about every combination of setting toggles within the app.

You can see for yourself how Adrenalin spikes the PC processes, and causes the taskbar popup: 

Restart the PC / Open Task Manager, and sort by "power usage" / Start a game and start playing normally / Watch as Radeon:Host Application shoots to the top. 

When you do a driver only install, this issue does not happen. 

Still never gotten a response for AMD or anyone who knows what the heck is going on here.